EZ Connector's EZ Recreational 7-Pin (EZR7) Electrical Connection System Featured At Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo's (AAPEX) New Product Showcase

Industry's Only Water- and Corrosion-Proof Towing Plug System Available for Under $100

LAS VEGAS and TULARE, Calif., Nov. 3, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EZ Connector Inc. (www.ezconnector.com), developer and manufacturer of high-performance products for improving the safety and reliability of electrical trailer and towing connections, today announced that the company's innovative EZ Recreational 7-Pin (EZR7) electrical towing connection system will be featured in the New Product Showcase at the 2008 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), November 4-6, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nev. EZ Connector will also be conducting live demonstrations of its water- and corrosion-proof electrical connection system in Booth #1575 at the show.

"We are pleased that our EZ Connector EZR7 electrical connection system is being featured in the AAPEX New Product Showcase," said Joe Cardoza, President of EZ Connector. "We have developed the aftermarket industry's first-ever water- and corrosion-proof plug and socket combination device for solving the time, safety, reliability and liability issues that many face with towing trailers and other implements. People who use our products are impressed with the easy-to-use design and overall peace of mind in knowing that their trailer's lights and brakes will work every time. It is the last plug you will ever buy."

The EZR7, which is available in several models including traditional and fifth-wheel versions, is designed as a universal configuration that can adapt to a variety of applications. Unlike the common blade plugs available in today's market, the patented EZR7 uses spring-loaded face-to-face contacts so that drawbacks such as arcing and socket/pin abrasion from frequent cycling are eliminated. The combination of spring-loaded pins and fixed contacts also allows for electricity to easily pass from socket to plug, and mitigates problems such as voltage dropping due to increased cycling and the resulting open-circuiting of brakes and lights. In addition, the EZ Connector product is the only vehicle-trailer connector that has been Society of Automotive Engineers tested and certified as waterproof and corrosion-resistant when in use, given its built-in double o-ring seals. Also, EZ Connector uses neodymium magnets to hold the plug and socket together rather than a latch. The sheer strength of these magnets provides additional support for keeping the plug and socket affixed in a variety of situations including vibrations, abrupt movements and bumpy road conditions, while allowing for both plug and socket to immediately release in case a user forgets to disconnect the trailer from vehicle. The EZR7 system is available for less than $100.

Cardoza added, "Our electrical towing connection systems provide a wide range of benefits -- from safety and reliability to overall simplicity. The significant monetary savings enabled by our products will be realized in fleet situations where vehicles are operating on a daily and, many times hourly basis, where zero employee and vehicle downtime is critical to a successful operation."

In addition to the EZR7 Traditional Version, EZ Connector offers the EZR7 Fifth-Wheel Version as a complete package (including vehicle socket and pre-attached cable, trailer plug and pre-attached cable, Dummy O-ring-sealed plug and dummy socket). The company also offers the following complementary products including:

    * EZR7 Vehicle-Only Kit -- Fifth-Wheel Version
    * EZR7 Trailer-Only Kit -- Traditional Version
    * EZR7 Trailer-Only Kit -- Fifth-Wheel Version
    * EZR7 Dummy Plug

EZ Connector additionally sells the following T-Connector products separately, which can be installed between the existing 7-way RV plug and the wiring harness:

    * EZR7 Complete T-Connector -- Traditional Version
    * EZR7 Complete T-Connector -- Fifth-Wheel Version

The pre-wired T-Connectors are designed to quickly attach the backside of later-model GM and Ford 7-blade sockets for parallel wiring. All of EZ Connector's products can be purchased through the company at +1-559-686-5889. For more information, please visit the company's web site at www.ezconnector.com.

About EZ Connector Inc.

EZ Connector Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes the patented EZ Recreational 7-Pin (EZR7), which is the first plug/socket combination of its kind on the market to improve the reliability of the vehicle/trailer connection. Designed with ease-of-use, reliability and safety in mind, EZ Connector's suite of electrical towing connection products is ideal for a variety of military, fleet, recreational, non-commercial and commercial applications, including boating, farming, RV, trucking and other activities. EZ Connector also manufactures an array of complementary products to enable a safer, simpler towing experience. Headquartered in Tulare, Calif., EZ Connector Inc. is a privately held company. For more information, please visit www.ezconnector.com.