Godfrey Launches Initiative on Hyperintegration -- A More Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Approach to Message, Media and Audience

B2B Agency Promotes Everhart to Lead New Initiative

LANCASTER, PA--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) - With today's media landscape in constant flux, business-to-business marketers must find ways to create deeper, richer and more compelling online experiences for their customers and prospects.

That's why Godfrey (www.godfrey.com), a leading B2B marketing communications agency, has launched a new initiative called hyperintegration -- a more comprehensive and programmatic approach to the traditional marketing communications model of message, media and audience. Hyperintegration transcends the traditional approach by focusing on customer attraction, interaction and engagement. This new approach can be especially beneficial to marketers looking to stretch their budgets in a time of economic uncertainty.

To support this initiative, Godfrey has promoted James H. Everhart to the newly created position of vice president of hyperintegration. A 20-year veteran of Godfrey, Everhart previously was vice president of strategic development.

To learn more about hyperintegration, see below:

-- Hyperintegration offers B2B marketers the opportunity to plan and shape the customer/prospect experience. This new potential arises from several critical abilities of the new media: their complementary nature, ability to be linked and trackability.

-- Hyperintegration gives B2B marketers the opportunity to formulate a strategic program that tightly links all tactics -- both new and traditional media -- into a planned customer experience that can be measured and improved continuously.

-- Integration has always assumed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Hyperintegration energizes that strength by combining or coordinating marketing efforts to produce returns that are larger than those generated by individual tactics done separately -- returns that are becoming increasingly important to marketers in a budget-conscious economy.

-- For B2B marketers, the major benefits of hyperintegration are: integration, innovation, analytics for continuous improvement, insight, accountability and competitiveness.

-- Everhart said, "The magic of hyperintegration is this: anticipating the needs of users, giving them what they want, allowing them to drive the marketing process, and making the 'and then what' questions seamless, intuitive and easy for the user. It's hard work, but it's the key to marketing success in a Web 2.0 world."

To learn more about James Everhart, see below:

-- Everhart began his Godfrey career in 1988 as a copy director. Since then, he has held the positions of creative director, director of interactive strategy development, director of strategic development, and vice president of strategic development.

-- A former newspaper reporter and video entrepreneur, Everhart earned a bachelor's degree from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa.

-- Russ Green, Executive Vice President and Partner at Godfrey, said, "Jim was one of the early Godfrey pioneers of strategic integration. Now, he's taking integration to a whole new level, combining his knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Web 2.0 media."

What Godfrey Brings to Hyperintegration

-- Godfrey helps clients sift through the proliferation of new media, allowing them to choose among traditional and new media options and select the combination that delivers the right mix of customer attraction, interaction and engagement.

-- Godfrey enables clients to access this new model through a Hyperintegration Audit of their existing marketing program in terms of branding, direct, search, analytics, mobile, and online activities, as well as convergent public relations.

-- Godfrey incorporates new measurement capabilities into clients' marketing programs, allowing B2B marketers to track what tactics are successful and what messages are resonating, and gain insight into the customer experience. Godfrey uses those metrics to constantly evaluate and refine a program, creating a continuous improvement loop.

-- Godfrey helps position clients as industry leaders. Through planned customer experiences, Godfrey links traditional advertising and public relations with social media press releases, blogs, podcasts, search engine optimization, RSS feeds, webcasts, online media monitoring and reporting, and other emerging technologies.

Godfrey provides full-service, hyperintegrated business-to-business branding and marketing communications services. The agency offers research, brand management, advertising, convergent public relations, digital marketing, search (SEO and SEM), strategic media programs, direct marketing and analytics services.


Godfrey's white paper, "Hyperintegration: Planning the Customer Experience at Web 2.0 Speeds"

Godfrey's white paper, "Hyperintegration: B-to-B Marketing Integration in a Web 2.0 World"

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Podcast on the basics of hyperintegration Godfrey's white paper, 'Hyperintegration: Planning the Customer Experience at Web 2.0 Speeds' Godfrey's hyperintegration audit Jim Everhart, vice president of hyperintegration, Godfrey Godfrey's white paper, 'Hyperintegration: B-to-B Marketing Integration in a Web 2.0 World'