Winchester Systems Expands Fibre Channel RAID to 100 TB

Delivers 120,000 IOPS and RAID 6 Data Integrity

BILLERICA, MA--(Marketwire - November 24, 2008) - Winchester Systems Inc., a leading data storage solutions provider, today announced that their FlashDisk HyperSAN FC-3400 Series RAID array has tripled the maximum capacity from 34 TB to 100 TB.

The FC-3400 is a high performance Fibre Channel RAID disk array that now supports a base shelf with single or dual redundant failover controllers and up to 13 expansion shelves. Each of the 14 shelves holds 16 Fibre Channel disk drives each for a total of 224 disk drives. Drive capacities have been expanded to now include 450 GB disk drives. The results of increasing the number of shelves from 6 to 14 and increasing drive capacity from 400 GB to 450 GB is a tripling of capacity from 34 TB to 100 TB.

The enterprise class product uses 10K and 15K rpm disks for the most demanding applications including database, OLTP, financial, manufacturing, video and real-time data acquisition. The dual controller model with four 4 Gb Fibre Channel ports provides 1,500 MB per second sustained throughput and over 120,000 disk I/O operations per second with cache mirroring enabled for controller failover.

"With a single management console, IT managers can now economically deploy large databases in mission critical environments without compromising speed, reliability, manageability or serviceability," according to Mr. Joel Leider, the company's chief executive officer. "A single unit fits into one 42U rack in just six square feet and delivers tremendous performance at 120,000 IOPS with unprecedented RAID 6 data integrity -- for a fraction of the price of popular alternatives," he added.

RAID 6 offers dual parity for the utmost in data protection for valuable data. Even if two disk drives fail or become unreadable, the data will remain intact. This RAID 6 protection is invaluable for protecting irreplaceable or irreproducible photos and video -- particularly for field use where hardware is vulnerable. According to the company's white paper, "Enterprise RAID 6," RAID 6 dual parity offers 500 to 30,000 times longer MTDL (Mean Time To Data Loss) than RAID 5. An informative 6-minute presentation "RAID 6 Essentials" is also available.

Pricing starts at under $25,000 and delivery is 1-3 weeks ARO.

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