Phoenix Firm Targets Electric Utilities and Solar Energy Vendors Worldwide

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - November 25, 2008) - Front Page Public Relations ( unveiled two energy related marketing programs today to help utilities and vendors market solar energy, renewable energy, alternative energy, green power, energy efficiency (Energy Star) products, energy rebates, net metering, feed-in tariffs and utility Demand Side Management (DSM) programs to consumers and businesses that will benefit from the transition to clean, green power.

"As customers search for ways to save money on their electricity bills showing them how to take advantage of energy rebates, buy energy efficient products and install renewable energy power plants is a great way to insulate them from future rate hikes and reduce our dependency on foreign oil," stated Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR's President. "More importantly, using ratepayer funds to build new economies such as solar energy creates thousands of jobs and encourages additional business development."

The firm's "renewable energy" marketing programs focus on generating positive publicity for utilities that want to educate customers on where DSM subsidy programs are available and how they can be used to pay a portion of the cost to install renewable energy products such as solar energy panels that generate clean, green energy.

"In 2008 Arizona utilities allocated approximately $42 million to pay for DSM related programs," according to Southwest Energy Efficiency Project's (SWEEP) Executive Director Howard Geller. "On a regional basis, the utilities in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming were approved to spend more than $171 million on DSM programs during the same time period."

"And even though the utilities in the southwest spent millions of dollars to educate consumers and businesses, many people are still not aware that DSM programs even exist," Hoskins said. "Our firm would like to help utilities and renewable energy vendors worldwide solve this problem. Our PR initiatives are simple, fast and very effective at reaching a mass audience of consumers, businesses, contractors and senior citizens who desperately need relief."

Customers are prone to ignore paid advertisements and/or throw away mandated direct mail pieces, but when they read a news story in the local newspaper or their favorite magazine they are five times more likely to pay attention and follow an unbiased reporter's recommendations.

When customers realize that they actually are the ones paying for these expensive DSM programs, not the utilities, they will have even more incentive to recoup their hard-earned money.

Front Page PR would like to help utilities such as APS, SRP, TEP and UES market their DSM programs.

In addition, the firm is seeking worldwide solar vendors such as Sharp, Q-Cell, Kyocera or FirstSolar that want to market their solutions to customers within Arizona's goldmine of insolation coverage.

Clients that sign a PR contract before November 30, 2008 will receive a 50% discount off their first month's retainer. Interested customers can call (480) 218-4441 or visit the company's website at:

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