Trump Donald Trump? "The Expert's Edge" Says It Can Be Done

Book by emerson consulting group's Ken Lizotte Gives Positive and Negative Lessons of Trump

CONCORD, MA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2008) - Aspiring business thoughtleaders can learn a lot about what to do and what not to do from Donald Trump, says Ken Lizotte, author of "The Expert's Edge: Become the Go-To Authority People Turn to Every Time."

Trump is famous for being famous: "His over-the-top lifestyle is his message," Lizotte writes in his book, published by McGraw-Hill.

But it's not all glitz. Trump shows the characteristics of a true thoughtleader in his books, in which he offers unique insights on negotiating and managing people to bring out their latent potential.

What does Trump's story have to do with the thousands of consultants and professionals who need to establish themselves as thoughtleaders in niches as varied as medical devices, marketing, law, computer-network reliability and management consulting?

Plenty, says Ken Lizotte.

Only a handful of people can -- or want to -- achieve Trump's paparazzi-attracting notoriety. But anyone who's an expert in any field can become recognized as a thoughtleader within their target market, Lizotte says, by using many of the same techniques Trump exploits.

Lizotte covers the example of Tom Peters, the best-selling business-book author, as an exemplar. Peters is a bit like Trump, but with only the substance and none of the glitz. The basic path to true thoughtleading, Lizotte maintains, includes:

--  Discovery or research.  This can be formal research, such as Peters
    has conducted, or the kind of research that come with years of experience
    in your field.
--  Insight.  Processing your experience so as to come to conclusions.
--  Synthesis.  Writing down your conclusions in article or books.
--  Communication and discourse.  Arranging public speaking appearances to
    promote your ideas.
--  Missionary zeal.  Promoting your ideas relentlessly via the mass media
    and the Internet.

Lizotte's book, published by McGraw-Hill, is available at bookstores and from such online stores as

His firm, emerson consulting group (, in Concord, Mass., has helped more than 200 individuals and professionals services firms in the US and Canada become recognized thoughtleaders in their target markets.

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