Industry Experts Validate Benefits of ATi's Software-as-a-Service Predictive Analytics Solutions

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - December 15, 2008) - The Modeling Agency (TMA), data mining and business analytics experts, have released an independent assessment of Adaptive Technologies, Inc.'s revolutionary software-as-a-service (SaaS) predictive analytics solutions. The in-depth evaluation concludes that ATi's unique approach of blending renowned analytics expertise and online technologies dramatically reduces costs and implementation time for business leaders to have the ability to confidently make data-driven decisions to solve complex and dynamic business problems.

The Modeling Agency's review validates ATi's SaaS approach as being business oriented versus technologically oriented, utilizing all available client data to deliver solutions tailored to a client's needs. The Modeling Agency details how ATi's SaaS model for predictive analytics provides the expertise that cannot be hired, yet provides solution flexibility that is not dependent on any one given technology or piece of software, providing the best of technology and the highest level expertise in one place.

"The application of advanced technologies and science to improve business decision-making has been encumbered by an overemphasis on technology, rather than focusing on specific business goals and objectives," said Tony Rathburn, senior consultant at The Modeling Agency. "ATi addresses the technology limitations of both buy and build solutions through a pioneering software-as-a-service model which captures their distinguished predictive analytics and business intelligence expertise in customized solutions that are singularly focused on the needs of their clients."

Detailed analysis by TMA reveals multiple benefits of improved decision-making capabilities empowered by ATi's proprietary SaaS analytics solutions. Benefits range from maximizing marketing ROI with segmentation and targeting to improving customer retention in addition to predicting and reducing high risk and driving profitable customer acquisition.

The complete evaluation by Tony Rathburn of The Modeling Agency is captured in an informative whitepaper highlighting Adaptive Technologies' customer-centric decision model and provides independent analysis of the user and design benefits unique to the ATi SaaS solutions. The free whitepaper is available for download at

The author of the whitepaper, Thomas A. "Tony" Rathburn, is a senior consultant with The Modeling Agency (TMA) and an expert in analytics, data mining and neural networks. His expertise spans multiple industries as an educator, solutions developer and professional advisor. In addition to consulting, he taught MIS and statistics for seven years at the College of Business at Kent State University.

About Adaptive Technologies, Inc. -- Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi), the Intelligent Information™ company, helps business leaders make better decisions. We provide companies with tailored business intelligence and advanced predictive analytics solutions that turn enterprise data into intelligent, actionable information. ATi software-as-a-service (SaaS) predictive analytic solutions provide real-time predictable outcomes in order to make data-driven decisions regarding growth strategies and maximizing profits. Founded in 2001, Adaptive Technologies, Inc. is privately held and based in Arizona.

About The Modeling Agency -- Established in January of 2000, TMA is a highly structured network of senior-level data mining consultants, headquartered in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with representation throughout the United States. The Modeling Agency (TMA) provides training, mentorship and solutions in data mining, predictive analytics and business analytics.

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