ShoreTel Integrates Voicemail With Highly Reliable Distributed Architecture

New ShoreGear Family of V Switches Helps Ensure Access to Business-Critical Voicemail Applications in the Event of WAN Failure

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - January 22, 2009) - ShoreTel® (NASDAQ: SHOR), a leading provider of Pure IP Unified Communications (UC) solutions, has unveiled a new family of ShoreGear® Voice Switches that extends the company's unique single-image distributed architecture to voicemail and auto-attendant applications. By integrating support for these capabilities into its switches, ShoreTel expands its leadership in the UC industry by reducing the cost and complexity of deploying a highly reliable and robust voicemail and auto-attendant system across multiple locations. With the ShoreGear 50V, ShoreGear 90V and ShoreGear 90BRIV switches, organizations can ensure local access to voicemail even in the event of WAN downtime.


--  ShoreTel continues to extend
    the capabilities of its
    distributed and robust
    communications platform,
    making UC easier, more
    reliable, and more
    cost-effective to deploy.
--  More Flexibility: The
    ShoreGear family of V
    switches gives our companies
    greater flexibility to
    deploy reliable voicemail
    services at their branch
    offices by simply equipping
    the office with the new
--  Improved Reliability: The
    ShoreGear family of V
    switches stores voicemail
    messages on highly reliable
    Compact Flash Card
    technology, offering
    superior reliability over
    traditional disk drives.
--  Small Footprint: To conserve
    space in the data center,
    the ShoreGear V switches
    are packaged in 1U
    half-width chassis and
    occupy no more rack space
    than the ShoreGear 50, 90
    and 90BRI models.


For a detailed description and list of features for all ShoreGear switches click here.

-- The ShoreGear 50V switch supports up to 50 IP telephones, two analog extensions and four loop-start trunks. It also supports 50 voicemail boxes with 22 hours of voicemail storage.

-- The ShoreGear 90V switch supports up to 90 IP telephones, four analog extensions and eight loop-start trunks. It also supports 90 voicemail boxes with 56 hours of voicemail storage.

-- The ShoreGear 90BRIV switch supports up to 90 IP phones, four analog extensions, and four BRI ports (eight channels). It also supports 90 voicemail boxes with 56 hours of voicemail storage.


Kevin Gavin, vice president of marketing, ShoreTel: "Voicemail is an essential component of business-critical communications and, as such, it is one of the key pillars of a unified communications platform. For today's workers, voicemail is a crucial business tool that must be accessible anytime, and from anywhere. By integrating voicemail into a distributed architecture through the new ShoreGear V switches, ShoreTel has made it possible for companies to cost-effectively increase the reliability and accessibility of their voicemail, leading to greater productivity and improved customer service."


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