Save the Planet, Save the Economy

Getting Your Kids Involved in the Environment Could Help Them Prepare for the Jobs of the Future

VENICE, CA--(Marketwire - March 6, 2009) - With President Obama's promise to double the country's use of renewable energy over the next three years, it's clear that "green jobs" will be the employment wave of the future.

Francis T. Perry Williams, environmentalist and author of "Pollen and the Ring of Harmony" (Greenleaf --, thinks that parents should get their kids interested in the environment at an early age.

Getting kids interested now will help prepare them for the coming wave of environmentally based careers, he said.

"Our younger generation is being raised in one of the most challenging times ever," says Williams. "There is so much information for them to process and it is easy for them to miss key facts that they truly need to sit up and take notice of."

Williams firmly believes that it's a parent's duty to get their children educated and involved with environmental issues in order to ignite a passion that can translate into a greener world.

"Parents should set the example for their children," Williams said. "First, identify which environmental issues interest you and then learn as much about them as possible." This knowledge is the building blocks for your child's understanding of environmentalism. Empower and urge them to seek out further information on their own.

Williams' goal is to start a whole new movement addressing this task of getting children to care about our planet. Perry adds, "Awareness leads to beauty and beauty leads to harmony." As an eco-advocate, Perry is actively teaching the younger generation to be more eco-friendly so they can live in harmony with nature and the world around them.

Williams believes that with kindness and caring for the environment, our younger generation can begin to make positive changes for their future.

About Francis T. Perry Williams

Francis T. Perry Williams attended San Diego State University for a degree in drama with minors in art and music where he wrote, directed and acted. Upon graduation, he appeared on several sitcoms including "Happy Days," "Bosom Buddies," "Laverne and Shirley" and "MASH," in addition to writing one of the "Laverne and Shirley" episodes. A certified personal trainer with twenty-five years experience, Perry keeps it "all natural, no steroids" for himself and his celebrity clients.

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