Looking for an Affordable Solar Installation Training Certification Class? The Arizona Solar Power Society Is Now Offering Its Professional Solar Installation Training Certification Class Online to Students That Want to Learn How to Install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - August 25, 2009) - The Arizona Solar Power Society, the largest solar association in Arizona, announced that it is now offering its Professional Solar Installation Training Certification program as an online solar training class.

Unlike most entry-level solar installation training classes, which are very expensive, hard to find, have long lines, and require students to take off five days from their daytime job, the Arizona Solar Power Society's Professional Solar Installation Training Certification Program allows students to study whenever their schedule permits and is the most affordable solar training course available on the internet.

The Professional Solar Installation Training Class is part of a nationwide solar certification program that trains unemployed builders, general contractors, roofing contractors, electrical contractors, and other types of construction workers.

Three Cost-Effective Solar Installation Training Options:

1. Students can buy the text book and participate in free weekly online
   classes for $85.
2. Students can take the full 15-week semester course for $899 and receive
   a Professional Solar Installation Training Certification upon
3. Sign up at: http://www.meetup.com/arizona-solar-power-society/pages/

Solar Installation Training Class Details

Students learn by reading one chapter per week from a 468-page, college level, solar installation training textbook entitled "Photovoltaic Systems, Second Edition."

The textbook is loaded with four-color diagrams, charts, mathematic formulas, technical diagrams and real world pictures of everything involved with performing a solar power installation. The book is very easy to read and makes it very simple to understand how solar power is generated as well as how to maximize solar power production through proper system design.

In addition to the book, the solar training class includes a CD-Rom that is loaded with Solar Quick Quizzes, an Illustrated Solar Glossary, Solar Radiation Data Sets, Sun Path Charts, Solar Installation Forms and Solar Pricing Worksheets, Solar Time Calculator, Solar Flash Cards and animated solar multi-media clips that show how different pieces of solar technology work.

About the Arizona Solar Power Society

The Arizona Solar Power Society is the largest solar association in Arizona, with almost 700 members, promotes solar technology through solar installation training classes, solar seminars, solar workshops, business conferences and trade shows.

Contact Information: Contact: Robert Hoskins Direct: (602) 326-0940