Omni-ID Introduces Enhanced RFID Next-Generation Technology Platform

Showcases Value Innovation for RFID With Global Broadband Operability and New Patented Technology Tag Design

FOSTER CITY, CA--(Marketwire - September 14, 2009) -

News Facts:

  • Omni-ID, the leading supplier of high-performance passive UHF RFID tags, today unveils its next-generation technology platform that delivers global functionality without compromising tag read performance -- regardless of the surrounding environment.

  • Omni-ID continues to develop world-class products and innovate around existing patented technologies that enable the Company to stay on the cutting-edge of passive UHF RFID product design. The next-generation technology platform includes:

    • Global Broadband Standard and Operability: Omni-ID tags will be optimized for global frequencies in accordance with EPC Gen2 Protocol, providing near-perfect functionality across all geographic regions, with uncompromised on-metal performance.
    • Patented Plasmonic Structure: Updated construction of the RFID tag plasmonic structure allows for improved scalability, repeatability, and higher tolerances -- therefore minimizing variation and improving its use as a broadband technology.
    • New Coupling Structure: Omni-ID RFID tags use a two-component system that optimizes the use of plasmonics and a near-field loop antenna design as a coupling structure. Omni-ID's new custom designed "loop" antenna increases the flexibility in design and facilitates unique performance while improving the capacity for solid state quality.
    • Migration to High Memory Silicon Chip: The new chip provides for improved performance and additional user memory.

  • Omni-ID's move to a next-generation technology platform marks a commitment to continued value innovation and enables the Company to meet market and customer needs for longer read distances; improved performance and reliability; and global functionality and interoperability with other RFID hardware and software.

  • On the heels of establishing a leadership position for meeting the RFID needs of commercial services industries, Omni-ID is broadening its product offerings to extend customer and partner benefits to additional markets. Omni-ID's newly announced suite of RFID passive tags, targeted toward the manufacturing, transportation/logistics and defense industries, takes full advantage of this next-generation technology platform.



  • "During the past few years, passive RFID technology has evolved from 'mostly working' to 'unquestionably delivering.' Omni-ID's latest product offerings break all the performance records for on-metal and near metal operation and do so with passive tags designed to work globally," said Louis Sirico, Founder and CTO of "These products give businesses and government agencies the ability to implement rock solid asset tracking solutions in a variety of new applications never before possible."

  • "Two important values that are a part of Omni-ID's DNA and critical to our growth and success are value innovation and an empathy with our customers," said Tom Pavela, President and CEO, Omni-ID. "Omni-ID approaches technology design and development of new passive RFID products with these two values in mind, and our next-generation technology platform marks the continued dedication toward that achievement. We look forward to the additional benefit we can now bring to meeting customer needs and markets around the world through this enhanced platform design."

  • "After more than forty years in leadership roles within the logistics industry and national defense, I see the potential that Omni-ID's passive, on-metal and global functionality RFID technology has to enable 'asset tracking and visibility,'" said Major General Hawthorne L. Proctor, U.S, Army (Retired). "From a defense perspective, this technology will provide better asset visibility, reduced cost and overall improved readiness for combat. Principally, the global functionality and balanced performance elements of this technology will allow the military to effectively maintain asset visibility and tracking in what is now called "the last tactical mile" by enabling the transfer and tracking of military equipment from container to storage to point of use. This passive RFID technology will mark a new level of efficiency and insight for logistics management and will enable other sustainment of our Armed Forces."

About Omni-ID

Omni-ID is the leading supplier of high-performance passive UHF RFID tags that deliver near-perfect read rates on, off and near metals and liquids. Using a fundamentally different approach to RFID design, Omni-ID created a patented technology structure that allows for continued innovation and product development. Omni-ID has built a global partner ecosystem with leading RFID technology companies to deliver complete RFID asset tracking, supply chain management, work-in-process and cargo and container tracking solutions. To complement its product line, Omni-ID has a full service bureau offering to ensure efficient and seamless deployment of RFID implementations. With offices in Foster City, Calif. and in the UK, along with a manufacturing facility in China, Omni-ID's mission is to drive the widespread adoption of RFID technology as the optimal tracking and identification solution. For more information, visit

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