Ameri-Skills Solar Training Announces Affordable ETA-Certified Solar Training Classes in Oceanside, CA

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2009) - Ameri-Skills Solar Training ( announced its fall schedule for students in California that are seeking affordable solar training courses. The solar training courses are held in Oceanside, California and offer an ETA International Entry Level Solar Installer Certification ( and prepare students for the next two levels of ETA International Solar Photovoltaic Certifications, which include a Journeyman Solar Certification and a Master Solar Certification.

Ameri-Skills Solar Training offers one of the top solar training and "hands-on" certification programs in the United States. The Entry Level Solar Training classes are geared for students that do not have any knowledge of solar or electricity, but want to take a solar training course in order to begin learning the knowledge required to break into the solar installation industry.

Ameri-Skills' Fall 2009 Entry Level Solar Training Course Schedule in Oceanside, California:

10/19/09-10/23/09 - Entry Level Solar Training Certification Class

11/09/09-11/13/09 - Entry Level Solar Training Certification Class

Students can sign up by calling Robert Hoskins at (888) 895-8186 or by signing up at:

The solar photovoltaic training classes are part of a nationwide effort that trains builders, general contractors, roofing contractors, electrical contractors, and other types of construction workers with the solar installation knowledge they will need to begin building a new career in the solar installation business.

The classes are offered to all California residents and anyone else that wants to participate in the 5-day, 40-hour (M-F/8-5) entry level solar training course and work their way toward becoming a certified Master Solar Installation expert. The entry level solar training course tuition is $1,195.

For an additional $150, students can take the ETA International Entry Level Solar Installer Certification Exam. Students that pass the test will receive an ETA International Entry Level Solar Installer Certification, which is valid for the entire United States.

ETA International has more than 3,500 members, has more 700 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) serving on various Industry Advisory Committees and works with over 1,000 Exam/Certification Administrators (CAs). ETA International's growth and success stems from the association's stringent requirements on training firms to offer ETA-approved training materials, ETA-approved instructors and mandatory hands-on training requirements.

Contact Information: Contacts: Ameri-Skills Solar Training Robert Hoskins (888) 895-8186 Email: ETA International Brianna Bullerdick (800) 288-3824 Email: