How to Manage Your Own Investments

Expert Reveals Secrets to "Naked" Investing

RICHMOND, VA--(Marketwire - October 9, 2009) - You're smarter than you think you are, and at least one expert wants you to put your money where his mouth is.

"Despite what most people might think, they can actually manage their portfolios as well as the most skilled money managers on Wall Street," said Bob Fischer, a senior portfolio manager at a national brokerage firm. "Investors have been led to believe for decades that they aren't smart enough to manage their own investments, but the truth is that people don't need an advanced degree or years in the market to be successful investors. All they need is to adopt a clear set of rules on choosing investments, and the character to stick to those rules."

Fischer, author of "The Naked Portfolio Manager" by Abbalucci Press (, believes that the conventional wisdom that people should always use mutual funds or money managers is neither conventional nor wise.

"Rules trump reason on Wall Street," he said. "Investors are constantly being told about this expert's advice or that expert's advice. They would do much better if they simply used a set of clearly defined, empirically based, transparent rules and followed those rules in a disciplined fashion."

These rules, called "Naked Strategies," are relatively simple, empirically based rules for selecting securities, he added. Naked strategies are completely transparent. The investor understands exactly how the securities in his portfolio are being selected.

The key is for people to forget what they think they know about the market and start from scratch, or be "naked," according to Fischer.

"If you simply start with a blank sheet of paper, and assemble a set of rules that are based on empirical data -- and stick to them -- you'd be surprised at how much more successful you can be," Fischer added.

About Bob Fischer

Bob Fischer is a senior portfolio manager and advisor for affluent individuals at a national brokerage firm. His noteworthy success in the investment field is based upon his in-depth knowledge of decision-making, which he applies in a disciplined rule-based approach: the application of Statistical Prediction Methods.

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