Giesken Outdoor Advertising Introduces New Digital Billboard on Telegraph Road

Technology Creates New Opportunities for Advertisers

DEARBORN, MI--(Marketwire - October 19, 2009) - According to Tom Giesken, president and owner of Giesken Outdoor Advertising, digital display billboards provide greater flexibility, timeliness and the opportunity for businesses to deliver more targeted messages at a great value. Beginning November 3, Giesken will introduce a new digital display billboard on northbound Telegraph Road (U.S. Route 24), south of Warren Avenue in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

"Digital display boards also reduce production costs because there's no paper or vinyl to install," said Giesken. "Everything's done electronically."

Research indicates that there is more than twice the recall rate of digital billboard ads among people passing by -- 94 percent versus 43 percent recall of static or non-moving billboards.

Giesken selected the Telegraph Road site to install his company's first digital board, because of its excellent location and traffic pattern which is estimated to draw 50,000 to 55,000 passer-bys every 24 hours. Another great benefit of this site is the rate of speed, which is limited to 45 miles per hour or even less during road construction projects. It is also located at a nearby stoplight that gives drivers more viewing time.

With digital billboards, there is more flexibility for advertisers to change their messages throughout the day and also the number of days they want their message displayed.

Examples are limitless, including a restaurant that wants to promote its breakfast, lunch or dinner special, or a counter displaying the number of days, hours and minutes until a store ground opening. Other examples include a bank having the flexibility to change its interest rate daily or a radio station displaying the actual time of day and current song playing on the radio.

Giesken also suggested a few unique ones, including an individual's marriage proposal to a sweetheart, and birthday or anniversary greetings to someone special on a selected day.

As a longtime member of both the Dearborn and Dearborn Heights Chambers of Commerce, Giesken anticipates that he will also receive more contacts from larger corporate advertisers and agencies that want to attract a targeted audience for branding purposes along the Telegraph Road corridor.

He is quick to point out that billboard advertising is no longer limited to larger companies and organizations with sizeable marketing budgets. The new digital billboards also offer smaller businesses fast access to have timely ads displayed for shorter periods and can be readily used for political campaigns, non-profit organizations, schools and others.

For more information about the new digital billboard and other Giesken billboards, contact Tom Giesken toll-free at 866-443-7536 or visit the company's web site at

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