Fullpower Introduces MotionX-GPS(TM) 9.0 for the iPhone

New Map Storage Lets Users Take MotionX Maps Anywhere Worldwide

SANTA CRUZ, CA--(Marketwire - December 10, 2009) - Fullpower Technologies, the global leader for mobile sensing solutions, today launched an updated version of MotionX-GPS featuring MotionX Map Storage allowing users to take up-to-date MotionX maps well beyond the coverage range of cellular connections.

MotionX-GPS 9.0 embeds the functionality of an advanced handheld GPS unit into a simple and intuitive iPhone application that is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, running, sailing, skiing, kayaking, motorcycling, and flying. Embraced by more than 2 million outdoor enthusiasts, MotionX-GPS 9.0 for the iPhone 3G and 3GS is available for $2.99 for a limited time through the Apple App Store.

Now with MotionX Map Storage, users can easily download the latest up-to-date MotionX O-Road and O-Terrain maps for any region of the world before setting out on their adventure. MotionX O-Road and O-Terrain maps are worldwide road and terrain (topographic) maps based on the OpenStreetMap project. MotionX users have taken MotionX-GPS well beyond the coverage of cellular connections to track activities such as sailing across the Pacific Ocean, biking across the deserts of Abu Dhabi, hot air ballooning above the Rocky Mountains and even racing up volcanoes in Guatemala.

MotionX User Profile: MotionX-GPS Tracks the GVI Volcano Challenge
MotionX-GPS recently tracked the 2009 GVI Volcano Charity Challenge in Guatemala. Seventeen "challengers" and three guides from Old Town Outfitters set off on the six day volcano climbing challenge to raise money for the Phoenix Project in Guatemala.

Pacaya volcano, with its river of lava was first up, a great hike across hardened lava. Santa María was next, followed by Tajumulco, the highest volcano in Central America at over 13,700 feet, and finally to Lake Atitlán's San Pedro for the fourth and final summit.

Daniel Ponce-Taylor, one of the challengers in the event, brought MotionX-GPS loaded on his iPhone to track the climbs. "I have been using MotionX to its full potential. It's been a great tool, and really accurate," said Taylor.

The new Map Storage functionality in MotionX-GPS 9.0 is ideally suited for this type of "off-the-grid" activity, where the closest cell tower may be many miles away. Users can easily select and download maps of an area before they leave on a journey away from cellular signals or WiFi connections.

About Fullpower/MotionX
Founded in 2003 by Sonia Lee and Philippe Kahn, Fullpower's mission is to put motion-sensing in every mobile device. As the leader in mobile sensing, Fullpower is building on its expertise in wireless sensor technology to deliver unique, interactive motion-sensing applications. MotionX solutions are designed and developed in Santa Cruz, California.

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GVI Volcano Charity Challenge participants in Guatemala use MotionX-GPS on their iPhones to track their route as they climb four of the regions volcanos. A MotionX-GPS track up Guatemala's Volcano Santa Maria shown in Google Earth. The route was taken during the GVI Volcano Charity Challenge. MotionX-GPS embeds the functionality of an advanced handheld GPS unit into a simple and intuitive iPhone application that is ideal for outdoor activities.