Snow Scoop Visors Combat LED Traffic Signal Snow Build-Up

McCain Inc. Manufactures an Effective Solution to Avoid Dangerous Intersections

VISTA, CA--(Marketwire - December 21, 2009) - McCain Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of traffic, parking and transit management solutions, announced the successful use of its snow Scoop Tunnel Visor for LED traffic signals currently installed in Parker, Aurora, and Summit County, Colorado.

McCain's Scoop Tunnel Visor is a simple, cost-efficient solution to the emerging visibility problem caused by snow build-up on LED traffic signals due to the lights inability to melt snow. The Scoop Tunnel Visor was developed to aid in the reduction of snow deposits and build-up on the face of traffic signals. A louvered vent (scoop) on top of the visor and an open bottom contribute to the increased vertical movement of air across the face of the signal lens generating a resistance to snow deposits.

"To date, we have 100 visors installed on 30 signals throughout Colorado," said Jim Chase, traffic signal supervisor for Colorado Department of Transportation. "We have been successfully using this product for years and plan to increase the number of signals using the Scoop Tunnel Visor in the next month."

The State of Colorado receives, on average, 60 inches of snow during the winter months creating an ideal test and go-live environment for the Scoop Tunnel Visor.

"As more cities came online with LED traffic signal lights, we saw the need to develop a product to assist our customers during the winter months due to snow build-up on traffic signals," said Kleinjan Deetlefs, director of engineering for McCain Inc. "In doing so, we found a solution that was cost-effective, energy-efficient and has been successfully tested and deployed for several years now."

The states' Department of Transportation, regional and local agencies are taking a step towards a greener future by installing energy-efficient LED traffic signal lights. Unfortunately, with the adoption of the LED lights, there is an increased build-up of snow on signals that impedes signal visibility and ultimately creates hazardous intersections. By implementing McCain's simple and straightforward solution to combat this issue, agencies are able to maintain the benefits of low-energy, cost-efficient LED lights without jeopardizing the safety of their citizens.

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