Immersive Media Makes Available 360-Degree, Geo-Coded, Web Videos of Haiti to Help Relief Agencies, First Responders, Government Departments and News Organizations

Full-Motion, Interactive Videos of Earthquake Devastation Provide Detailed Views to Aid Emergency Planning and Response Efforts

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - January 22, 2010) - Immersive Media Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Immersive Media Corp. (, today announced the availability of 360-degree, interactive, online video footage of the earthquake devastation in Haiti free of charge to relief agencies, government departments and news-gathering organizations involved in the ongoing recovery efforts. The interactive videos can be seen at The website shows an initial sampling of location sites in Port-au-Prince, with new video being captured and made available on an ongoing basis in the weeks ahead.

Immersive Media cameras capture 100 million pixels at 30 frames per second for high-resolution detail. Due to the number of agencies expected to access video over low-speed connections, the video quality has been optimized for lower-bandwidth web viewing. The video can be freely embedded into other websites and also be shared via Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

High-resolution, 360-degree video footage of the destruction in Haiti is also available upon request via the Immersive Media website.

The videos place viewers in the middle of an environment, giving them full control over what they see in a scene. With a simple click and drag of a computer mouse, online viewers can look sideways, up, down or all around in 360-degrees, while also pausing or zooming in and out. Each frame of the video is geo-coded, which will enable the planners and operations teams to pinpoint exact locations for relief, recovery and rebuilding operations. The video footage can be integrated with ESRI and other standard mapping applications.

Capturing and making the videos available has been a team effort, involving Immersive Media and IMTS (, an Immersive Media Authorized Agent that specializes in working with military and special operations teams. The DRC Group ( and Integrated Electronic Technologies have been handling logistics, transportation, operations and government relations.

IMTS has significant experience in gathering surveillance video data for military, law enforcement and security applications. It has captured 360-degree video data in Iraq and elsewhere for advanced monitoring, protection and response. The 360-degree videos help operations teams identify risks and threats, monitor hostile environments from afar, and maximize the safety and understanding of their operations.

"All of us at Immersive Media are terribly saddened by the events of January 12th and want to do whatever we can to help improve the immediate and long-term situation in Haiti," said Myles McGovern, president and CEO of Immersive Media. "As previous natural disasters have shown, detailed imagery and assessments of the affected areas are critical to relief efforts and future planning. Since many of the first responders and government organizations are not on-site in Haiti, these 360-degree videos give them an unprecedented view of the devastation from the ground level."

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