SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 2, 2010) - liveBooks, Inc., the leading provider of award-winning websites that allow creative professionals to promote and manage their businesses online, today announced the launch of a new liveBooks-powered website for engage!10 (, the upcoming, high-impact, luxury wedding business summits hosted by Engaging Concepts.

"liveBooks' partnership with engage!10 was a natural progression due to our rich history of working with wedding photographers to jumpstart their online business initiatives," said J Sandifer, wedding development manager for liveBooks. "When we expanded into other creative markets in 2009, it gave us the opportunity to provide wedding industry professionals like wedding coordinators and cake makers with the tools they need to build their virtual storefronts."

When looking to create a website for engage!10, Rebecca Grinnals, president of Engaging Concepts, knew she wanted a platform with both looks and functionality. Grinnals said liveBooks was able to deliver on both.

"The website design mirrors our brand identity, and effectively tells our story through photos and videos," said Grinnals. "On the back end with the use of liveBooks' editSuite, we can easily make changes to our website in a matter of moments, without the aid of a webmaster. Time is money, and now I have more time to focus on coordinating events, instead of the legwork involved with updating my site."

With more than 19 years in the wedding industry, Grinnals believes all wedding industry professionals can leverage liveBooks and its editSuite to easily create -- and maintain -- a quality web presence for their businesses.

"All wedding professionals have a creative eye, but they don't necessarily understand how to bring their creative ideas to life on their websites," said Grinnals. "The flexibility, ease-of-use and sophisticated look and feel of liveBooks' sites give wedding professionals a platform to unleash their creativity."

To view the website created for the upcoming engage!10 events in the Cayman Islands (June 7-10) and Palm Beach (October 3-6), visit For more information about liveBooks, visit

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