SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 17, 2010) -  Crowdcast, a leading provider of collective intelligence and prediction market solutions, today announced a partnership with Peer Insight, a strategic innovation consultancy specializing in identifying and realizing emerging business opportunities. The partnership will leverage Crowdcast's technology, helping Peer Insight clients gather internal intelligence to improve business operations and facilitate concrete decision making in the face of uncertainty. 

Crowdcast's prediction market platform will allow Peer Insight clients to quickly tap into employee insights to collect accurate, quantifiable data, such as tryout rates, sales projections, budget requirements and other key metrics. Peer Insight's recommendations to clients will be based on crowdcasts, which are accurate, unbiased forecasts comprised of the collective insights -- both quantitative and qualitative -- of a diverse group of company participants. Peer Insight consultants will generate crowdcasts to validate key business model assumptions, drive new business solutions, refine out of date operations and create new revenue opportunities.

"Our clients look to us for expertise and thoughtful guidance to find and capitalize on new business opportunities. Crowdcast's technology directly engages company employees, offering a better understanding of what lies ahead," said Tim Ogilvie, CEO of Peer Insight. "With this partnership, we're giving clients a great way to visualize future business opportunities and confidently choose the best course of action."

"Prediction markets are a powerful resource for testing new, innovative strategies and products. This partnership brings stronger data and practical insight to Peer Insight's offering, directly impacting the way their customers think and make decisions," said Mat Fogarty, CEO of Crowdcast. "Now, Crowdcast and Peer Insight are able to offer a complete solution for companies looking to bring accurate decision making to their future growth platforms."

In the coming months Crowdcast and Peer Insight will be leading a Webinar series on harnessing collective intelligence in the enterprise to unlock new business opportunities and spur growth. Follow the Crowdcast blog for more information. 

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