Franchise Direct Takes You to the Heart of Indian Franchising

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) - Most business experts agree that India along with China will be the two most dominant economies in the world in the 21st century. It is expected that there will be huge advances there as this growing economy becomes a hub of international capitalism. And as Franchise Direct's recent blog series shows, the explosion in franchising in India in recent years will help spur the spread of wealth to entrepreneurs.

Franchise Direct ( blogger Donald Cranford recently spent 10 days travelling in India, in the cities of Mumbai and New Delhi. There, he sampled many franchise brands, both domestic and international, and got a sense of how Indians are adopting the franchise template made popular in America to suit their own culture.

Franchising has shown its ability to thrive anywhere there is a friendly and open business market, and this is clearly the case in India. This country of more than one billion people has a rapidly growing middle class with a much-heralded entrepreneurial streak. The Indian government is also clearly working towards creating an open and profitable business environment for its citizens. Put all of these factors together and you have an economy that is custom-fitted for franchise success.

Donald Cranford's multimedia blog reports from India provide a wide-ranging portrait of the Indian franchising scene. After an introduction to Indian franchising, you'll find reports from a Mumbai McDonald's, which explains how the Golden Arches have dropped many of their own famous brands in order to embrace the cultural diversity of India. There's also an examination of Indian franchises, plus some photographic documentation from New Delhi of how Indian food franchises function compared to American ones.

All in all, these Franchise Direct reports from India will tell you quite a lot about how Indian franchising works. If you're a franchisor considering expanding to India or someone just considering a masters license there, there is plenty of invaluable reporting in these blog posts. India is the next great franchise market, but like everything in franchising, research is fundamental. Read these posts from Franchise Direct to learn more about franchising in India.

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