Glympse(TM) Once and Forget It - Service Now Runs in Background on Apple iOS 4

New Multitasking Feature Lets Glympse Users Share Their Real-Time Location Dynamically via Email, Text, Twitter or Facebook

REDMOND, WA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2010) -  With the updated functionality included in Apple iOS 4 that supports multitasking, as of today Glympse™ ( is now able to run in the background on the new iPhone 4G and the iPhone 3GS with the updated operating system. Glympse has incorporated multitasking on Android and Windows Mobile platforms since the company launched in May 2009, and the upgraded functionality gives Glympse iPhone users the flexibility to send a Glympse and use other features on their phone/mobile device while they travel from place to place.

Glympse pioneered the time-based model with their patent-pending GlympseWatch™ technology which allows users to set the amount of time their location is available, from an instant to "check in" up to four hours. The updated multitasking functionality in iOS 4 ensures that all Glympse users will be able to experience and enjoy all features of the service. Once a Glympse is sent, the sender's location will be updated in real time on a dynamic map for the specified duration. If a user selects a destination, it will optionally show their speed of travel and include their estimated time of arrival. Once the timer has expired, recipients will be able to view a replay of the sender's Glympse.

To date, Glympse is the only location service that enables dynamic, real-time tracking within the Facebook platform. Users can choose to share their whereabouts with everyone, only friends, specific networks, or just their Wall. Glympse offers the flexibility to share location widely to Twitter followers or selectively via email and/or text message.

In addition, Glympse makes use of the new SMS capabilities of iOS 4, allowing Glympse users outside of the US to send SMS text messages to recipients as well as email messages.

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About Glympse Inc.

Glympse, Inc. was founded in 2008 by former Microsoft veterans who collectively saw a need for a new type of location-sharing service. Glympse™ allows GPS-enabled mobile phone users to share their location for a pre-set period of time with anyone they choose using patent-pending GlympseWatch™ technology, so users can "check-in" or allow their location to be shared for longer durations. Available on iPhone™, Android and Windows Mobile™, Glympse visually answers the question of "Where are you?" with a dynamic map that updates a person's whereabouts in real-time. Glympse was developed with consumer safety and privacy in mind, and the service provides users with complete control over WHO can view their location, WHEN and for HOW LONG. The company works with several industry groups, including

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