LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 24, 2010) - Creating and distributing a feature-length documentary just got easier. The directors of "Building for Life," a documentary about people living with AIDS in Thailand, will use media management technology donated by MediaPlatform to facilitate video sharing among AIDS researchers in northern Thailand, South Africa, and the United States. MediaPlatform's PrimeTime is a video management solution that will be used to assist the filmmakers in creating and editing the film, which explores how people with AIDS in Thailand who have built full lives by combining traditional and modern medicine, art, spirituality, and family.  

"MediaPlatform's contribution captures the essence of what we are doing -- bridging modern technology with cultural traditions for the purpose of healing," said director Narumol Sriyanond, who launched "Building for Life, Inc." in 2008 to produce films that address global and socially relevant themes. "Being able to easily share videos over the Internet with PrimeTime will help us more easily create this film, and even more immediately, encourages communities in South Africa experiencing similar challenges to live their lives to the fullest."

MediaPlatform's PrimeTime solution enables users -- from just one to hundreds of thousands of viewers and content creators -- to upload, share, view, comment on, and rate rich media in one central repository. PrimeTime uses Web services to integrate with third-party portals and applications, and can scale to combine the archives of teleconferences, video and audio webcasts, Web conferences, video conferences, and more in the same searchable system. 

"The innovative uses people find for our technologies never ceases to amaze me," said Jim McGovern, chief executive officer of MediaPlatform, the webcasting software and media management provider based in Los Angeles. "In this case, we realized right away that we could educate a lot of people just by giving them access to our enterprise video content management platform."

About Building for Life, Inc.

"Building for Life, Inc." (A 501 c3 non-profit) was founded by director/producer Narumol Sriyanond, Ph.D. to produce films that address global, socially relevant themes. The company's first production, "Thai Women: Challenging AIDS," interweaves personal stories of Northern Thai women with HIV/AIDS, who use their creative and spiritual strength to challenge the societal stigma of the disease. Recognizing the positive message of the company's next film, "Building for Life," the Thai Ministry of Culture recently awarded the company a production grant. For more information, visit http://www.challengingaids.com/

About MediaPlatform, Inc.

MediaPlatform, Inc. (formerly IVT) delivers best-in-class webcasting and media management technology to global enterprises and digital media producers. MediaPlatform's webcasting software enables high-impact presentations for lead generation, corporate communications and training. The company offers organizations the ability to take advantage of scalable cloud-based computing, as well as on-premises deployment, to present and manage rich media. With media management tools built on its platform, the company helps clients derive long-term archive value from their investment in media content. 
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