SmartMetric Announces Its Fingerprint Biometric Card Can Now Be Used to Hold Personal Medical Records Without Security Compromise

BAY HARBOR, FL--(Marketwire - August 26, 2010) -  SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCBB: SMME) announced today that its fingerprint activated Biometric Data Card can be now used to provide the highest level of both security and portability for a person's medical history and full medical records.

Colin Hendrick, President and CEO, stated, "Once again our research and development team has pioneered another exciting breakthrough in our Biometric Data Card. We believe that nothing like this exists anywhere in the world today. We are currently in negotiations with several worldwide corporate entities regarding the rollout and commercialization of our breakthrough products. We will be updating our shareholders as soon as possible on the status of these talks, as well as our previously announced legal actions against Visa and MasterCard."

Unlike other portable solutions, the SmartMetric Data Card can store Gigabytes of medical information including full EKGs, complete CT and MRI digital images, and similar data making up an individual person's complete medical records. Storage of digital images, in particular, requires significant digital storage capacities. Unlike other systems that are severely limited in the amount of digital data that can be held in a portable solution, the SmartMetric Data Card is in fact a powerful digital computer with significant memory capacity sitting inside a Data Card the size of a standard Health Insurance Card. Most importantly, the SmartMetric solution provides the highest level of portable security for the patients information in that it can only be accessed after the patient touches the surface sensor on the Health Card triggering the Card to scan the persons fingerprint and matching it with their fingerprint pre-stored inside the card. Only after a finger print verification internally in the card is the data able to be accessed or viewed by a Doctor, Hospital or even an EMT's computer.

About SmartMetric, Inc.

SmartMetric, Inc. has developed a portable biometric identity and transaction card capable of storing a wide variety of personal information while protecting you against identity theft and fraud. It is one of the most advanced portable identity authentication solutions in the world today. The card contains a biometric fingerprint scanner and reader which only you can unlock and is smaller and thinner than a credit card. The SmartMetric card is ideal for a wide range of consumers, including Personal, Government and Corporate.

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