LANCASTER, NY--(Marketwire - August 26, 2010) - As part of its complete suite of GreenRide mobility management solutions, Ecology and Environment, Inc., (E & E) (NASDAQ: EEI) announces the global launch of GreenRide Connect, a state-of-the-art Web-based platform that facilitates more sustainable transportation matches for commuters. Implemented at the multinational, national, municipal or organizational level, GreenRide Connect reduces single-passenger vehicle use through an easy-to-use online interface that identifies personally relevant options for carpools, vanpools, bicycling, park-and-ride facilities, and public transit. 

"Nearly 3 trillion miles are traveled on U.S. roads annually, which is triple the amount of miles traveled just four decades ago," said Tony Gale, PMP, E & E program director for GreenRide. "Making more efficient use of existing transportation infrastructure and saving billions of dollars otherwise allocated to road construction and parking costs, while reclaiming time spent in traffic and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the key aim of the GreenRide suite of solutions. This is a goal in both the U.S., where three-quarters of the workforce commutes to work by driving alone, as well as across the globe. GreenRide makes it easy for users to appreciate highly personalized, Web and GIS technology-enabled ride matching capabilities, which can help regions, cities, organizations, and individuals save money, reduce their environmental impact, and improve overall quality of life." 

Currently implemented in 22 states across the U.S., as well as in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, GreenRide Connect is available to more than 39 million users through more than 60 client installations and the involvement of hundreds of organizations who are realizing direct and significant savings. For example, in the city of Redmond, Washington, with a daytime population of 100,000, the GreenRide Connect-based R-TRIP ( program has eliminated 1.5 million vehicle trips, saved more than 2 million gallons of fuel, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 22,000 tons. If these same results were scaled to the entire U.S., this would reduce 2.4 billion commuter trips each year with multibillion-dollar savings.

Designed for use in a variety of languages and in any country with a suitable map base, GreenRide Connect integrates robust content management and a variety of social networking options to foster a more simplified and natural user experience. Individuals and organizations can follow the dynamic tracking of their environmental, energy and economic savings, and more easily manage and participate in commute challenge and incentive programs. GreenRide Connect can be implemented as either a stand-alone rideshare program or as part of a fully integrated Transportation Demand Management solution. 

The complete suite of GreenRide mobility management solutions is designed to streamline and integrate programs and meet sustainable transportation goals. GreenRide solutions are Web-based and include options for carpooling, vanpooling, bike buddies, specialized transportation and paratransit, as well as fleet management and high-occupancy toll lanes. Designed to scale from countrywide implementations to metropolitan planning organizations, departments of transportation, toll authorities, transit authorities, cities, counties, states, large employers, universities, and specialty transportation providers, GreenRide solutions cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce traffic congestion, decrease dependency on foreign energy sources, and conserve millions of dollars in associated parking costs. GreenRide is engineered for convenience and ease of use, with options, including personalized weather and traffic alerts, social network integration, toll lane management and verification, and access via smart phones.

For additional information, visit, email or call 1-877-GR-RIDE-1 (1-877-477-4331).

Founded in 1970, E & E has completed more than 45,000 projects for a wide variety of clients in 84 countries, providing environmental solutions in nearly every ecosystem on the planet. The company is listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol EEI and is located on the Web at