CapitalRock Launches RightBridge Campaign Service

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 8, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CapitalRock announced today the expansion of its product line to include the RightBridge® Campaign Service. The RightBridge Campaign Service is a powerful extension of the RightBridge cross-selling engine used by a variety of financial services firms to identify highly relevant candidates for specific products and deliver needs-based campaigns to their customers. The essence of RightBridge programs is that both firms and their representatives have vital information about existing clients that, if properly analyzed, can lead to new sales opportunities and enhanced customer service. But because of the time and difficulty involved in this analysis few capitalize on these opportunities without assistance from an automated tool. RightBridge has proven itself state-of-the-art in this vital sales and service link between firms, representatives, and clients. Now RightBridge Campaign Service makes that same service level available to marketers.

The RightBridge Campaign Service runs on the same sophisticated rules engine as the RightBridge Sales System used by thousands of agents and advisors to identify needs-based cross selling suggestions in their current book of business.  The Campaign Service allows marketers to do similar analysis of their clients and create custom campaigns based on the detailed recommendations and "Reason Text™".   Reason Text explains why a particular product or service makes sense for a given client using plain English and calculated values to support the recommendations.

"Unlike traditional direct marketing, we've solved two big problems with the RightBridge Campaign Service," says John Hyde, CapitalRock CEO.   "First we can create a custom client document that easily and clearly identifies for each client why the product meets their specific and unique needs.   Second, our campaigns get the advisor or agent more engaged in the follow-up process. Advisors get a list of each of their clients included in the campaign with specific analysis as to why the client was included and detailed reasons why the product is a good fit.   Armed with the details and a needs-based approach the advisor is more likely to follow-up on the materials sent and have a valuable client discussion. Stated another way, RightBridge reduces call reluctance."

The campaign service is flexible and can be run entirely from the Home Office, or the firm can allow agents and advisors to manage when they want materials from the campaign sent to their clients to maximize follow-up.   The entire process includes a tracking dashboard that allows both the advisor and management to monitor the campaign, view specific documents, manage document delivery, and track success of the campaign.

"This new service adds an extra dimension to what we offer," said Doug Massey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CapitalRock. "This new service is more geared to home office marketing and is a very easy, cost effective way for our clients to use RightBridge technology.   Using a quick and easy implementation process, there is no software to rollout to advisors, and very little training required.   It's a great way for firms to quickly boost product sales by selling to their clients who need the product most."  

"With the RightBridge Campaign Service only clients with a specific need are targeted, saving costs of printing, mailing, and follow-up," continued Massey. "More importantly, the clients who are targeted get information specific and unique to them, so they are far more likely to read the information and act on it.  Given the needs-based nature of the campaign the client's advisor is much more likely to follow-up with the client prepared with a complete account analysis relevant to the product offer."

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CapitalRock, LLC is focused on maximizing sales opportunities within a company's customer base. CapitalRock was founded by a group of industry experts that have been building customer relationship and wealth management solutions for the financial services market for 20 years. The founders began using expert systems in the financial planning and wealth management arena in 1987, and over the years have applied various analytical and rules engines to the areas of online trading, compliance and suitability, real-time market data distribution, new account opening, and wealth management. The founders also pioneered the development of a component-based architecture called the Common Services Architecture (CSA) that is now widely used as a common technology platform across SunGard Data Systems. For more information, visit

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