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BroadMotion Decodes Real-Time JPEG2000 on NVIDIA GPUs

Using NVIDIA Fermi-Based Quadro and Tesla GPUs, BroadMotion's Technology Decodes 2K JPEG2000 at Over 24 Frames per Second

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) -  BroadMotion today announced support of its JPEG2000 decoding technology for the NVIDIA Fermi-based Quadro® and Tesla™ professional graphics processing units (GPUs). By also leveraging the NVIDIA CUDA™ parallel computing architecture, BroadMotion's technology is able to decode digital cinema compliant 2K JPEG2000 streams at more than 24 frames per second (fps), achieving real-time results by utilizing the latest NVIDIA professional GPUs. The decoding technology is currently available to select customers and will be widely available in the first quarter of 2011.

"We have had our sights set on GPU technology for several years," said Jeff Brooks, president of BroadMotion. "By demonstrating our ability to decode real-time 2K streams, we have proven that digital cinema technology can be achieved in a cost-effective GPU configuration. In future releases, we are targeting all decoding resolutions and frame rates in the digital cinema specification, namely 2K48fps, 4K24fps and 4K48fps on a wide variety of NVIDIA GPUs; thus enabling cost-effective digital cinema solutions on standard computing parts."

"BroadMotion has made a strategic, smart choice for its current and future customers by utilizing CUDA technology and our GPUs to accelerate its latest decoding solutions," said Andrew Cresci, general manager, vertical market solutions, NVIDIA. "JPEG2000 decoding technology, especially at digital cinema resolutions, requires significant processing power, a perfect fit for the massively parallel processing power that NVIDIA delivers."

JPEG2000 is the next-generation International Organization for Standardization (ISO) still image and video compression standard. In 2005, it was adopted by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) as the format for the storage and distribution of motion pictures. JPEG2000 addresses several weaknesses inherent in existing video formats by providing improved visual fidelity at high compression rates, low latency, increased error resiliency in wireless network environments and multi-resolution decoding from a single source file. JPEG2000 is currently being deployed in digital cinema, HD broadcast production, wireless transport of in-home entertainment and video surveillance applications.

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