Front Page PR Offers Free Public Relations/Internet Marketing Whitepapers on How to Build a Cost-Effective PR Program to Generate More Business Leads During a Poor Economy

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - October 11, 2010) -   Front Page Public Relations, a leading Arizona public relations/internet marketing firm (, today announced four free marketing whitepapers that will help companies increase their business leads and close more sales during a weak economy.

'The first expense that most businesses eliminate during an economic downturn is their marketing budget. Running advertisements with newspapers, TV/radio stations and trade publications can be cost-prohibitive," said Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR's Vice President of Business Development. "The good news is that Google and other search engines have enabled billions of companies worldwide to use public relations to reach millions of customers directly by using the distribution power of press releases, search engine optimized (SEO) keywords and Internet marketing strategies."

"Researching current buying trends, determining what the most popular search engine key words are and then using this information to write press releases that are search engine optimized is a very cost-effective way to generate free awareness for a company's products and services," Hoskins added.

Millions of news media outlets will retrieve press releases based on SEO keywords in order to build free news content for their websites. Placing a well-written press release on a newswire to feed these news outlets is a cost-effective way to reach billions of potential customers at a minimal cost-per-thousand.

Front Page PR has over 20 years of experience assisting marketing departments with the development of successful PR, internet marketing and social networking campaigns.

The following whitepapers provide the step-by-step process of how we help our clients:


These whitepapers are written to teach cash-strapped marketers how to implement these marketing programs on their own. For larger companies that have an actual marketing budget, Front Page PR can provide one or more of these marketing services on a monthly retainer basis.

Front Page PR works with clients that sell products/services into the high technology, telecommunications, application development, data centers, information technology, computer networking, wireless, and franchise industries; utility renewable energy and demand side management programs such as solar and wind; Phoenix area restaurants/retail establishments; and Grand Canyon/Sedona outdoor adventure tour guides involved in Arizona's travel/tourism industry.

Contact Information:

Robert Hoskins
Front Page Public Relations
Phone: (602) 326-0940