Ether2 Launches EcoNode to Broadband Industry Rewarding App Developers With Partner Points and Profit Sharing

Econode.Org Community to Promote Adoption of 'The Q.' Technology

HALF MOON BAY, CA--(Marketwire - December 13, 2010) - [Venture Summit Silicon Valley] -- Today, Ether2 ( announced the launch of at the Venture Summit Silicon is the new industry community for "The Q.", a breakthrough network technology eliminating bottlenecks in communications networks. In celebration of the community launch, the Ether2 think-tank invites industry and app developers to join EcoNode to build networks allowing upper-level 802.x protocols like WiFi, WiMAX and ZigBee to perform much closer to their theoretical maximums. Key areas impacted are content delivery, data center server farms, smart cities, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Wireless Sensor Networks, fiber optical and free space optical networks... performing better in every measurable way.

The Q. unifies video, voice and data -- a long sought-after goal of telephony, combining the best features of circuit and packet switched networks. Energy savings is two-fold. Eliminating cumbersome switch/router gear is the obvious savings; however, The Q. will also require far less electricity per bit transferred. Eliminating traditional routers also allows for stable QoS, which is the key to rich media and bursty voice communications, multi-antenna municipal mesh, and high data rate body area networks for the military, first responders and patient monitoring.

"Ether2 invites driven industry and app developers who share a passion for blazing the migration to future networks that will even break the 100% barrier. We'd also like to see security firms create and sell SoC apps that will run directly on our chip. A core EcoNode principle is that trusted networking should no longer be the burden of the end user," said The Q. evangelist Jonathan Gael from Ether2. "It is not okay for the country that invented the Internet to be in 16th place, and it is not okay for half the speed that I pay for to be wasted on routers."

The Q. simulation code is available free of charge to grow our developer community to help overcome these technological challenges. "We are looking forward to working with Black Duck Software and SAP for the profit sharing tracking. With this technology our country can regain a leadership position, improve the quality of life at home and abroad, and spread democracy via a global tech ecosystem with lasting social benefits."

About Ether2
Ether2 is a team of technology experts, bringing to market Dr. Graham Campbell's invention of Distributed Queue Switch Architecture (DQSA) as "The Q."

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