Cinsay, Inc. Launches CinsayTions Health and Beauty Care Division

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 15, 2010) - Cinsay, Inc., the innovative e-commerce technology company and online retailer announced that it has launched a wholly-owned health and beauty care division -- CinsayTions -- which will develop, market and sell complete private-label product lines. The wholly-owned Cinsay, Inc. subsidiary devoted to the development, marketing and sales of health and beauty care products will create and distribute its own branded products as well as private-label celebrity product lines.

Cinsay's technology and embeddable player was recently deployed and, unlike other e-commerce marketing and sales technologies, the Cinsay solution takes the store directly to the customer through its portable video player which delivers marketing messages via social media and email, and which allows consumers to spread it virally, thereby increasing sales potential as never before.

"CinsayTions is a natural new business for us, given the success of our unique e-commerce innovations," said Leslie Ball, Vice-Chairman, Cinsay, Inc. "With the ability to create and distribute compelling video content via the Internet, celebrity-branded products are enjoying greater potential than ever for tremendous success. We work closely with our celebrity clients to develop unique product lines to their personal specifications and standards of quality, and through partnerships with some of the best cosmetic labs in the country, we are able to ensure the finest possible products, along with a smooth process from inception through final product delivery."

CinsayTions has a number of product lines currently in development. The first of its celebrity-branded product lines will be announced shortly, with additional health and beauty care product lines to be announced in the near future.

More About Cinsay, Inc.
Cinsay is an e-commerce and technology provider which offers cross channel solutions with its viral platform, one that includes capabilities for merchandising, marketing, advertising and content personalization.

Cinsay, Inc. delivers ground breaking e-commerce experiences by leveraging the latest internet and mobile technology, Cinsay provides a cost-effective and uniquely portable way for brands, retailers, and content owners to target their customers across the web, social, and mobile channels. The Cinsay platform leverages the strong impact video content has on a consumer's decision to purchase and then Cinsay's proprietary e-commerce software brings the store to the consumer and successfully turns a viewer into a shopper and a shopper into a buyer.

Based in Austin, Texas, with offices in Dallas and Los Angeles, Cinsay is a privately-held company.

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