Aryaka Brings Quality of Service (QoS) Assurance to WAN Optimization-as-a-Service

Industry-First Application Provides Five Distinct Classes of Service. Enterprises Are Guaranteed Optimum Service Levels, High Priority for Latency-Sensitive Applications, and Top Network Performance - at No Additional Cost

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - February 2, 2011) -  Aryaka Networks (, provider of the world's first SaaS-based WAN optimization and application acceleration solution, announced today that it has launched Quality of Service (QoS) assurance as an integral component of its WAN optimization service. With integrated QoS, customers can assign a class of service to each type of traffic or application on their network. 

Existing WAN optimization solutions, with appliances at each enterprise location, are typically interconnected over an IP network through multiple providers. End-to-end QoS is subject to implementation and interpretation at each hop between providers. Not all providers honor QoS configuration, and those that do are not consistent, leading to an overall lower quality of service for business-critical applications.

Unlike providers of appliance-based WAN optimization, Aryaka owns and manages the global network infrastructure and can deliver end-to-end assurance of service and performance through consistent interpretation and implementation across all applications and all locations- helping Aryaka maintain its commitment to "Five Nines" (99.999%) service uptime. Aryaka's SaaS (Software as a Service)-based approach is unique among providers of WAN optimization, and Aryaka can roll out QoS functionality to both existing and new customers at no additional cost and with no service downtime.

Since efficient delivery of latency-sensitive and bandwidth-sensitive applications over a network requires granular quality of service, users benefit from the ability to assign any of five distinct classifications - Real Time, Critical, Transactional, Productivity, or Best Effort - to each type of traffic or application on their network. With these classifications in place:

  • Latency-sensitive traffic such as VoIP or video can be categorized as Real Time
  • Mission-critical services such as signaling can be classified as Critical
  • Interactive sessions such as database transactions can be classified as Transactional
  • Email or other "productivity" applications can be classified as Productivity
  • Lower-priority traffic such as file transfers can be classified as Best Effort

In practice, IT or network managers simply access the web-based MyAryaka™ customer portal to specify levels of service for each type of traffic or application on their network and to monitor traffic flows and network performance across every network hop.

"Aryaka is once again leading innovation in the WAN optimization space by putting customers in control of QoS and network performance, while freeing them from deploying and managing complex, on-premise WAN optimization appliances," said Ajit Gupta, founder and CEO of Aryaka Networks. "We want every company of every size with multiple locations anywhere in the world to benefit from what we have built with Aryaka's global network."

"With the Aryaka offering, QoS assurances for applications and network traffic can for the first time be deployed without requiring dedicated connectivity like MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) on the customer's network," noted Ashwath Nagaraj, VP of Engineering at Aryaka Networks. "MPLS is needed for legacy WAN optimization appliances to function optimally, but it is extremely costly to deploy, takes months to provision, is highly complex to administer, and is fraught with performance issues. Aryaka's WAN optimization-as-a-service and the globally deployed network that is a part of the service, along with integral granular QoS, does away with the need for MPLS and appliances entirely, resulting in OPEX savings of 50 to 75 percent."

QoS is now in place for all existing Aryaka customers and is available as an integral component of all new customer deployments.

About Aryaka Networks
Founded in November 2008, Aryaka Networks, Inc. delivers SaaS-based WAN optimization and application acceleration as a service with true business results. Headquartered in Milpitas, California, with offices in Bangalore, India, Aryaka is funded by Trinity Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners and Stanford University. Key advantages of the Aryaka solution include WAN optimization and application acceleration as a service, a globally deployed, secure, available network, rapid deployment, ease of integration, complete end-to-end visibility and a significantly lower total cost of ownership. For more information, visit

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