SlipKnot(TM) Adjustable Rope Stop Features Slip-On Cap for Attaching Items

WILMINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) -  A new adjustable rope stop, also known as a rope clamp, that creates a locator, stop, or gripping surface and comes with a slip-on cap for attaching lanterns, flags, bungee cords, and other items quickly and easily is being introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp.

Stafford's SlipKnot™ is molded from durable, weather-resistant ABS plastic, fits in the palm of your hand, and adjusts and locks onto standard size rope using a simple "twist" motion. Highly engineered to hold tight, this egg-shaped device features a removable cap for attaching lanterns, flags, and other items using a carabiner, "S" hook, or bungee cord. One adjustable rope stop accommodates 1/4" to 1/2" three-strand or braided rope and has ribbed construction for a sure grip and easy installation.

Supplied with bushings for the different size ropes, Stafford's SlipKnot™ is easy to place onto a rope; even one which is already tied at both ends. In the unlocked position, it allows single or multiple lines to pass through the cylinder and in the locked position it holds securely in place. If the end of the rope isn't accessible, the SlipKnot™ simply comes apart and can be reassembled exactly where you need to place it.

Stafford's SlipKnot™ and slip-on cap sell for $9.95 and comes in blue, orange, and yellow colors; available online at SlipKnot.

About Stafford Manufacturing:

Founded in 1975, Stafford Manufacturing Corp. is a leading manufacturer of shaft collars, couplings, and specialized mechanical drive and structural components. The firm designs and manufactures problem-solving parts for leading original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and numerous industrial distributors. The SlipKnot™ employs sophisticated engineering principles derived from over 35 years of experience and provides a delightfully simple solution for mariners, campers, RVers, outdoorsmen, homeowners, and others. 

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