Evident Software Announces Strategic Partnerships With Terracotta, EsperTech, Neo Technology, and Cirrus Technologies

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - GIGAOM STRUCTURE CONFERENCE -- Evident Software, the leading provider of Application Performance Management (APM) for NOSQL, Java, and more, today announced that it has formed strategic partnerships with four advanced technology companies: Terracotta, EsperTech, Neo Technology, and Cirrus Technologies. Terracotta has selected Evident Software as a development partner for projects that include the Quartz Job Scheduler. Evident's new software release, ClearStone 5.0, features the Esper Complex Event Processor from EsperTech and the Neo4j graph database from Neo Technology. ClearStone 5.0 also features a PostgreSQL Management Pack developed by Cirrus Technologies for monitoring and managing PostgreSQL databases. Evident announced the new ClearStone release today at the GigaOm Structure Big Data Conference in New York City. 

Terracotta and Evident Software

Terracotta is the leading provider of snap-in performance and scale for enterprise Java applications. The company selected Evident as a development partner.

Initially, Terracotta and Evident are working together on Quartz Job Scheduler. Quartz is a full-featured, open source job scheduling service that can be integrated with, or used alongside virtually any Java EE or Java SE application--from the smallest stand-alone application to the largest e-commerce system. Quartz can be used to create simple or complex schedules for executing tens, hundreds, or even tens of thousands of jobs.
"Evident Software has a proven track record of delivering visually rich monitoring and management solutions for enterprise applications, so they were an obvious choice for us when we were looking for a strategic development partner," said Mike Allen, Head of Product Management for Terracotta.

EsperTech and the Esper Complex Event Processing Engine

Evident Software re-architected its ClearStone APM platform in the ClearStone 5.0 release, but kept one key component from earlier versions the software: the Esper Complex Event Processing (CEP) Engine. ClearStone 5.0 uses the Esper CEP Engine to aggregate data from a potentially ever-changing collection of resources, perform computations on metrics, build queries dynamically, and monitor resources for thresholds violations.

"Esper has provided essential capabilities to our ClearStone platform for several years now," said Scott Barnett, CEO of Evident Software. "We began using the free, open source version of Esper in 2007 and soon after licensed their supported commercial version. We've always been thrilled with the company's technology and support. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Esper as we extend the ClearStone platform to cover additional enterprise application components."

"We are pleased that Evident Software is seeing Esper as a key enabler to its value offering. EsperTech will continue to advance the state-of-art in CEP applied to the domain of APM and to other domains," said Thomas Bernhardt, CTO of EsperTech.

Neo Technology and the Neo4j Graph Database

Once data moves through the Esper Engine in ClearStone 5.0, ClearStone write it to a Neo4j graph database, which serves as an inventory database for all resources being monitored (e.g., processes, hosts, nodes, and clusters). ClearStone uses Neo4j to dynamically discover and map relationships among resources (e.g., a node running on a host), and to maintain a timeline of events related to each resource.

"Because the relationships among resources may be in flux and cannot be known ahead of time, we needed a flexible data store such as a graph database for this function," said Barnett. "Neo4j turned out to be ideal for storing metadata for the resources and mapping relationships and correlated events."
"ClearStone 5.0 demonstrates the type of high-performance, data-rich solutions that can be built on top of Neo4j," said Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology. "We're pleased that Evident chose Neo4j for their state-of-the-art APM platform."

Cirrus Technologies and the PostgreSQL Management Pack

Jim Mlodgenski, CEO of Cirrus Technologies and former Chief Architect at EnterpriseDB, used ClearStone 5.0's new Open Data Interface (ODI) to create a ClearStone Management Pack that enables ClearStone 5.0 to collect and correlate metrics and events from PostgreSQL databases. ClearStone correlates these metrics and events with those from other application components, such as MongoDB, a Cassandra data cache, or a jBoss application server, giving developers and data center operations staff a multi-tier view of a Postgres application.

"I was impressed by the architecture and open interface of the ClearStone 5.0 Platform," said Mlodgenski. "Working from Evident's ODI documentation, I was able to quickly create a Management Pack that collects PostgreSQL metrics and events through ClearStone's RESTful interface. Now developers, DBAs, and others can take advantage of the rich visual interface of ClearStone to monitor applications built on PostgreSQL. Instead of relying on home-grown tools, PostgreSQL users can leverage existing open source scripts and take advantage of a much richer monitoring solution that shows not just PostgreSQL metrics but also interactions between PostgreSQL and other tiers in the application stack."

The PostgreSQL Management Pack is available as an extension to the ClearStone APM Platform.

ClearStone is available for download on the Evident Software Web site, www.evidentsoftware.com.

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