Ensim Announces Significant New Additions to Its Product Lineup for Service Providers

Includes Business Support System and User Productivity Portal

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - March 28, 2011) - Ensim Corporation, the leading provider of provisioning and management solutions for unified communications, collaboration, and cloud based applications for service providers and enterprises, today announced a major expansion of its product line adding significant depth and a new dimension to its proven software solutions for service providers including:

  • Ensim Synergy Service Provider Edition -- a complete Business Support System (BSS) solution including Billing, CRM / SFA, Product Management, Support Management, and Marketing Campaigns and Analytics.
  • Ensim Connect Service Provider Edition -- an end user focused User Productivity Portal based on SharePoint that lets users easily and efficiently create, edit and manage SharePoint sites, projects, groups, and resources, fully integrated with chat and calendaring platforms.
  • Ensim Unify Service Provider Edition 5.0 -- a significant update of the award winning and industry leading solution for automated user provisioning and infrastructure management operations support system (OSS).

"These new products represent the most significant expansion of our solutions for service providers in several years," said David J. Wippich, CEO of Ensim. "We are now able to offer telcos, hosters, MVNOs, SaaS, Cloud, and other service providers a complete solution that automates the entire customer interaction process from contact to cash."

"This is a full range OSS / BSS / SDP / Portal solution, in league with products like Amdocs, but at one-tenth the price," continued Wippich. "This solution is designed for service providers with a multi-tenant infrastructure as well as managed service providers with dedicated infrastructures or mixed infrastructures -- no other company in this space is offering service providers this level of complete functionality or such competitive pricing."

Ensim Synergy provides a complete Business Support System (BSS) solution that automates the entire marketing and sales process, including storefront, campaign-based lead generation with tasks and events, complete sales force automation with contract / quote management, CRM system with forecasts, product management with an easy to use and deploy product catalogue capability, order assembly and processing, billing with invoicing, payment and collection, usage reporting, analytics, and a customer support module with trouble ticket tracking. Ensim Synergy is fully integrated with Ensim Unify OSS for seamless customer acquisition and activation.

Ensim Unify Service Provider 5.0 provides a complete, centralized, relational platform that manages creation, activation, configuration, and administration of a hosted application and cloud service offerings.

This latest release of Ensim Unify forms the base OSS platform, delivering superior security and automation functionality with connectors that comprehensively manage the granular functionality for over 40 different real applications including hosted applications from the service provider's data center and third party cloud-based services.

Ensim Connect offers a unique, intuitive end user productivity dashboard based on SharePoint technology that lets users create, edit, track, and manage SharePoint sites, members and resources from an easy to use web based or mobile device based portal.

Ensim Connect augments Ensim's ability to efficiently provision and manage all the resources associated with SharePoint Server on the backend. As these communication and collaboration capabilities converge in the cloud, Ensim will continue to provide a wealth of capabilities for service providers, allowing them to create a cost-effective, automated, secure, and scalable environment that simplifies collaboration, communication, and teamwork for organizations leveraging Microsoft's technologies on a hosted basis.

"We have seen huge interest in SharePoint from our existing customers and prospects that mirrors the adoption rates of Microsoft Exchange a few years ago," said Scott Young, vice president of marketing and product management. "While SharePoint is a fabulous framework, as Outlook is for Exchange, SharePoint users need an instant way to intuitively prioritize and track their work including sites and projects they are members of, workflow, deliverables they have committed to on various sites, and their membership in groups and teams. Ensim Connect delivers the business process orientation for SharePoint that many feel is critical to a successful introduction and use of collaboration technology."

"Equally crucial to supporting current generation offerings is preparing our customers for next generation and beyond technologies as well as expanded cloud-based solutions that offer significant growth opportunities," said Dave Chang, director of technology and services. "Ensim is significantly investing in expanding its current connector portfolio and will be releasing many new modules over the next several months." 

Each Ensim product is available separately as a standalone product or combined as a fully integrated solution. Ensim Synergy and Ensim Connect do not require Ensim Unify and may be used with third party OSS and BSS systems. Please stop by the Ensim Booth #7 at the Microsoft Hosting Summit to see these advanced technologies in action. If you are not attending the Microsoft Hosting Summit, please call 1-888-248-4003 or (1-408-496-3700 from outside the U.S.) for more information and to set up a demonstration.

About Ensim Corporation
Founded in 1998, Ensim Corporation is the leading provider of enterprise class and carrier grade solutions to manage and automate user and entitlement provisioning for unified communication and collaboration applications, cloud services, and virtual desktops and servers. Ensim products are used by service providers and enterprises worldwide to accelerate and enable deployment of integrated solutions, simplify and automate secure management of complex environments, and increase user and IT productivity. Ensim has over two million users under management and is Microsoft Gold Certified. For more information, visit www.ensim.com or contact Ensim at 1-877-693-6746 or 1-408-496-3700 outside the United States.

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