Global Capacity's One Marketplace Access Exchange Achieves Significant Milestone

Quote and Order Volumes Growing at Unprecedented Rates

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 18, 2011) - Global Capacity, the leading telecommunications information and logistics company, announces that its One Marketplace Access Exchange has achieved a significant milestone with its recent, unprecedented market momentum. In the past twelve months, One Marketplace, an automated exchange platform that connects customers and suppliers and enables efficient pricing, procurement, provisioning, billing and operation of access networks, has provided over 1.5 million automated quotes to over 80 customers globally. These quotes represent automated pricing from over 700 global suppliers, and have a monthly recurring value of over $675 million, which equates to an annualized value exceeding $8.1 billion.

One Marketplace Access Exchange improves pricing and delivery efficiencies and reduces the costs of access networks globally. By providing customers a single interface through which to design, price and fulfill multi-vendor, multi-geography access network requirements, One Marketplace dramatically simplifies and accelerates the access network lifecycle for customers. By providing suppliers direct access to a high volume of qualified customer demand, it reduces the selling, general and administrative expenses of demand generation, while increasing opportunities to deliver high margin, on-net services.

One Marketplace Access Exchange provides customers automated access to customized pricing based on customer-specific requirements. These requirements include location data, supplier rates, and design and engineering rules that are unique to that customer. In addition to providing customers automated access to their customized rates, One Marketplace Access Exchange also provides customers competitive market rates from multiple suppliers through the Exchange platform. Over 1,750 orders from 22 customers have been delivered directly over customer interconnections to the One Marketplace Access Exchange. These orders were delivered via One Marketplace interconnections with 10 different suppliers.

"We are extremely pleased with the market response to our One Marketplace Access Exchange platform," states Patrick Shutt, CEO of Global Capacity. "The global market for access networks is highly fragmented and inefficient, and as we have stated since we founded this business model in 1997. There is no one supplier that has a ubiquitous footprint. One Marketplace Access Exchange provides an automated platform that simplifies the process, reducing costs for customers, while simultaneously increasing the demand for high value, on-net services for suppliers. As more and more customers and suppliers participate in the Exchange, the opportunity to deliver ubiquitous access solutions over a single platform becomes a reality."

For more information on how to participate in the One Marketplace Access Exchange, visit, or meet Global Capacity at ITW in Washington, DC May 23-25, 2011.

About Global Capacity

Global Capacity is a telecommunications information and logistics company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of access networks globally. Through its One Marketplace Access Exchange, the Company brings together customers and suppliers in an automated platform that provides ubiquitous access network solutions. Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to purpose-built integrators, telecommunication carriers, and enterprise customers globally. Global Capacity is headquartered in Chicago, IL, with additional offices in Waltham, MA, Glastonbury, CT, Manchester, U.K., and Lisbon, Portugal. For more information, please visit or contact the Company at 312-673-2400.

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