PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 28, 2011) -

  • Company delivers app for its full-featured cloud-based Energy Services Platform (ESP)
  • GreenX Powerstrip™ and GreenX Hub™ reference design available today for real-time energy monitoring and control
  • People Power starting trials with City of Palo Alto Utilities

People Power Company, an energy efficiency company, today announced the release of the People Power 1.0 mobile application for iPhone and Android, which runs on its open, extensible, cloud-based Energy Services Platform (ESP). People Power is also making available the GreenX Hub™ and the GreenX Powerstrip™, a hardware reference architecture that includes a smart hub and power strip for real-time energy monitoring and control. Targeted at OEMs and manufacturers, the reference architecture is standards-based, with patent pending software that can be licensed by OEMs to go into set top boxes, Blu-ray disc players, routers, internet-connected TVs, or any other internet connected device to provide an end-to-end solution that makes appliances and devices "smart-grid ready."

The People Power 1.0 mobile application works seamlessly today with Blue Line Innovations Power Cost Monitor and WiFi Gateway, and The Energy Detective (TED) to provide valuable, real-time insight into energy use in homes. In addition, People Power's Energy Services Platform works today in commercial buildings with the Obvius Data Acquisition Gateway. People Power 1.0 lets users see actual estimated energy spending by accessing information stored in its utility rates database, allowing them to make relevant comparisons and recommendations for energy savings. The product also features an Energy Quiz where users can compete with friends and post scores to Facebook.

GreenX Powerstrip™ and GreenX Hub™ offer OEMs and manufacturers an end-to-end, wireless energy management solution with robust functionality that allows users to see and control energy from virtually any piece of equipment at sub-second intervals. The technology enables monitoring of energy in many formats, including watts, power factor, amps and more, and uses open source, standards-based software. The modular, open architecture speeds time-to-market for OEMs.

About People Power ESP
People Power's cloud-based ESP 1.0 energy management solution, generally available today, can manage and control energy consumption for the billions of internet-connected devices that will soon exist throughout the world. The platform provides visibility into the energy efficiency of products, letting manufacturers build a layer of "energy control" into a range of products, from business equipment like copiers and printers, to consumer electronics and appliances such as televisions and refrigerators. Features include:

  • Mobile Device Support -- Easy-to-use mobile applications enable users to see and manage their energy in real-time on the most popular Apple and Android devices;
  • Recommendations -- Intelligent recommendations use historical information and trend analysis to enable users to easily and instantly save energy;
  • Real-Time Dashboards -- Dashboards with up-to-the-minute energy consumption -- along with comparisons with state and countries -- provide users with critical information to drive energy reductions;
  • Real-Time Pricing -- Integrated rates database provides real-time energy spend that incorporates tiered tariff rates or Time of Use pricing from utilities for both commercial and residential;
  • Budgeting & Projections -- Real-time projections on energy spending help users understand their actual energy use against a preset budget;
  • Gaming Service -- Quizzes and games motivate users to compete for energy leadership in their neighborhoods and with friends;
  • Social Media Integration -- Posting game results to Facebook drives users to invite and engage their community of friends;
  • Multiple Languages -- Availability in English, Chinese and Japanese makes it easy for OEMs to integrate the service into products globally from the start.

"Governments around the world are passing tough new environmental regulations," said Gene Wang, CEO and Founder of People Power. "For example, China is mandating dramatic energy efficiency standards, Japan is having rolling blackouts and is offering consumers Eco-Points, and Germany and Switzerland are phasing out nuclear power. This is driving an enormous need for technology that delivers smart grid benefits to manufacturers and service providers around the world to make their energy consuming devices smart grid ready."

"We are really pleased to partner with People Power and to offer People Power 1.0 as a free energy monitoring and control app," said Peter Porteous, CEO of Blue Line Innovations. "This is exactly what our Blue Line customers and the market in general have been asking for -- an informative, engaging, portable and interactive way to make a real difference in energy usage. This is a solution that will generate savings today."

"People Power's Energy Services Platform is an exciting solution that works seamlessly with TED to offer users a simple and easy way to see their energy use in real-time anywhere, anytime, over the web via an iPhone," said Dolph Rodenberg, CEO of Energy Inc. "The People Power solution enables customers to set budgets, get alerts and see their energy use in dollars and cents. We are looking forward to working with People Power as this market grows."

People Power Trials with City of Palo Alto Utilities
People Power also announced that it is commencing trials with the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) this summer, taking its publicly available solution one step further to control thermostats and plug loads, enable recommendations and alerts and engage users with comparisons and competitions. According to Palo Alto City Manager James Keene, the city is launching partnerships with local companies to serve as a test bed for technologies that may have significant impact in the future; especially those in green industries.

"One of the things that the City wants to do better is to tap into the incredible companies and innovations that are being born right here in Palo Alto," Keene explained. "Through strategic partnerships, such as our current work testing cloud-based energy management software focused on energy efficiency with People Power, the City of Palo Alto can cost-effectively support emerging technology and help the community reach its sustainability goals. This is a win-win-win."

Pricing and Availability

  • A free mobile application for Android phones can be downloaded today by visiting
  • A free iPhone version will be available in July, and can also be downloaded by visiting at that time.
  • People Power ESP 1.0 is available today and is licensed as Software-as-a-Service.
  • People Power GreenX Hub™ and GreenX Powerstrip™ software and hardware reference architecture may be licensed by OEMs and others.
  • For more detailed pricing, contact a People Power sales representative by emailing

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About People Power Company
People Power Company is the leading provider of cloud-based energy management software and hardware to electronic device manufacturers and IT service providers. The company delivers technology that enables residential and commercial end-users to see, understand, and control their energy use. People Power's open Energy Service Platform (ESP) makes sense of vast and complicated real-time information from energy consuming and generating devices and smart grid data. ESP uses behavioral science to provide insight, choice, and easy controls that maximize customers' lifestyle or business demands, anywhere, anytime. Based in Palo Alto California, People Power has received funding from New Cycle Capital, Greener Capital and other investors. For more information visit:

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