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Jenni Rivera and BH Cosmetics Ignite Fuego!

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TLK Fusion has once again aligned the best with the best. Powerhouse Jenni Rivera and premier makeup company BH Cosmetics have joined forces! Famous for their high quality and low price points, BH Cosmetics is thrilled to bring the vision of Latin sensation Jenni Rivera to her fans. BH Cosmetics founder Fred Sadovskiy is thrilled about Jenni and BH Cosmetics coming together. "BH Cosmetics is honored to have the #1 Latin Singer in the world partnering with BH Cosmetics to develop exclusive items for her fans at great prices!" Jenni adores her fans and has been pouring her heart and soul into this fabulous line! Sure to be a hit this season, Jenni by Jenni Rivera will emulate the spicy flavor of Jenni Rivera through brilliant color combinations of BH Cosmetics- whether it's their lip or eye palettes, Jenni by Jenni Rivera will offer a sexy, fearless look for every occasion with BH Cosmetics.

Known for their brilliant branding strategies, TLK Fusion has brought the partnership of BH Cosmetics and Jenni Rivera to life and will prove to be caliente! Jenni Rivera's loyal fans have been by her side since day one and will now be given a chance to emulate their idol. TLK Fusion President and Co-Founder, Ken Collis, is ecstatic about the partnership: "Jenni Rivera is one of the biggest Latin sensations in the world, and it brings TLK much joy that we can bring Jenni's favorite make up line to her fans through a company equally committed to customer satisfaction, that is BH Cosmetics!" Look out for Jenni by Jenni Rivera to hit a retailer near you, or follow BH Cosmetics on twitter to see when you can get your hands on this custom line!

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