Entirely Pure Announces 50% off Discount Coupon for the Installation of Twenty CFL Light Bulbs Which Are Guaranteed to Save Homeowners $800 on Electric Bills and a Green Home Energy Audit

The CFL Installation ($90) and Green Home Energy Audit Package ($99) Is Valued at $189, but Until October 31st Customers Can Get the 20 CFL Installation/Green Home Energy Audit Deal for Only $95

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Sep 8, 2011) - Entirely Pure LLC (http://www.entirelypure.com), a leading energy management service firm based in Tempe, AZ, announced a special CFL installation/Green Home Energy Audit package deal that is guaranteed to save homeowners $800 on lighting energy costs by replacing twenty incandescent light bulbs with new ENERGY STAR CFL light bulbs. The Green Home Energy Audit may provide additional cost savings depending on the choice of installed energy upgrades. Customers that want to go green can sign up for the special 50% off discount coupon at: http://www.arizona-free-home-energy-audits.com/cfl-special.asp

Some home energy audit competitors offer energy audits for $99, but their offer is limited to only ten CFL light bulbs. Entirely Pure customers will receive twice as many CFL light bulbs and pay a lower price of $95 for the combo CFL/Green Home Energy Audit package deal.

"At a price of just $4.75 per light installed, the CFL offer will provide customers with more than a 700% return on their investment. And the more CFL light bulbs that the customer installs, the more money they will save," stated Reza Bakhshai, Entirely Pure's President. "If you have been thinking about upgrading to CFLs this is the perfect opportunity to let Entirely Pure get the job done for you at about the same price you would pay if you purchased the lights yourself. The CFL installation special is available until October 31, 2011 for residents that live within 25 miles of Tempe, Arizona."

To get a quick estimate on how much money can be saved customers can count the number of light bulbs in their home and then use this free CFL energy calculator from General Electric to calculate their energy savings: http://www.gelighting.com/na/home_lighting/products/pop_lighting_calc.htm

The special 50% off discount coupon also includes a 10-Step Green Home Energy Audit that will analyze the customer's home and identify home improvements that are needed to plug energy leaks, add extra layers of insulation to prevent the sun's heat from entering the home or install solar devices that convert the sun's energy into free hot water and free electricity in order to lower electric bills.

The last step is to educate customers on all available federal tax credits, Arizona state tax credits plus APS or SRP energy efficiency rebates that can be used to make green home improvements as cost-effective as possible.

Top 10 Green Home Energy Audit Tips for Saving Money on Electric Bills:

1. Installing variable speed pool pumps can save up to 80%
2. Installing CFL ENERGY STAR light bulbs can save up to 75%
3. Installing ceramic reflective window film can save up to 50%
4. Installing a solar hot water heater can save up to 30%
5. Installing more insulation and radiant barriers can save up to 20%
6. Installing solar or electric attic fans can save up to 20%
7. Sealing and repairing AC air ducts can save up to 20%
8. Performing AC unit tune ups or upgrading to a new AC unit can save up to 20%
9. Weatherproofing doors and windows can save up to 10%
10. Installing Smart Power Strips can save up to 10%

About Entirely Pure:

Based in Tempe, Ariz., Entirely Pure LLC is a BPI-certified energy management service firm that brings together the passion, the processes and the green energy technologies that make it as easy as possible for customers to improve their building's operating efficiencies at the best price in Arizona.

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