Enable IPC Issues Update on Its New S/Cap RFID Tag, Upcoming RFID Products, and Phase II Proposal for the National Science Foundation's STTR Grant

VALENCIA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - Enable IPC Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EIPC) today issued an update to shareholders on initial developments of its recently launched rugged solar powered S/Cap RFID tag, upcoming additional versions of the product, and completion of the Company's proposal for Phase II funding from the National Science Foundation's STTR Grant.

Enable IPC's S/Cap RFID Tag Pilot Sales and Distribution Negotiations Underway; Additional Versions Under Development

Since the launch of the ruggedized S/Cap RFID tag in June of this year, Enable IPC has made initial, pilot sales of the tag to customers interested in testing the products within their own operations. Additionally, Enable is working to secure distribution agreements to broaden the sales channels for the S/Cap RFID tag. The Company previously announced an agreement with RFCamp Ltd., for non-exclusive rights to resell and distribute Enable IPC S/Cap RFID tags in South Korea and the Pacific Rim. Enable is negotiating agreements with other potential distributors and expects to make further announcements in the coming weeks.

In addition, product development is underway on the Company's new on-metal and livestock versions of the S/Cap RFID tag. The on-metal version, along with the recently released S/Cap RFID Tag, is designed to target outdoor asset tracking applications where durable, long lasting tags with long read ranges would be ideal. Potential applications are expected to include oil rigs, transportation, sports, equipment tracking, aerospace, DoD compliance (the largest user of RFID) and much more.

The RFID market is forecast by IDTechEx to reach $5.84 billion in 2011 and livestock tracking is expected to become the largest segment forecasted by IDTechEx to reach nearly $6.5 billion by 2017. To address this growing market Enable is beginning product development on a livestock tracking version of the S/Cap RFID tag. The new product should allow easier and more accurate tracking of livestock and livestock products for more efficient recalls and more efficient farm management.

National Science Foundation Phase II Application Completed

SolRayo, Inc., a subsidiary of Enable IPC Corporation, recently announced completion of Phase I of its Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Under the $150K grant, SolRayo developed a new nanoparticulate based technology to address an issue concerning the degradation of performance of certain lithium-ion ("Li-ion") batteries, particularly in high temperature applications. SolRayo has recently submitted its proposal for Phase II funding which, if approved, will provide an additional $500,000 of funding for two years beginning in 2012. This funding will be aimed at commercializing the technology. The Company expects to hear the results of its application by the end of 2011.

One reason for the rapid growth in portable electronics over the past few decades has been the availability of rechargeable Li-ion batteries that provide the required high gravimetric and volumetric energy densities. One of the problems with this technology, however, is the relatively high expense of cathode materials compared to other types of rechargeable batteries (like nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride). While the Li-ion industry has grown exponentially over the past 20 years to be valued by Frost & Sullivan at approximately $8.4 billion in 2010, its growth has been mitigated by its relatively high expense. It is hoped that SolRayo's technology could allow for lower cost cathode materials for Li-ion batteries, making Li-ion price-competitive with other battery technologies and leading to further exponential growth for the industry.

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