Enable IPC Issues Update on Upcoming Products Including an On-Metal Version of Its S/Cap RFID Tag(R)

VALENCIA, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 2, 2011) - Enable IPC Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EIPC) today issued an update to shareholders and interested parties regarding new products expected to be released within the coming weeks. These new products include an on-metal version of the Company's S/Cap RFID Tag® and a variety of RFID tags of different characteristics to broaden the Company's RFID product line.

Additional product announcements include anodized aluminum oxide (AAO) nanopore templates and ultracapacitors.

The Company also announced initial sample sales of its S/Cap RFID Tags®.

New RFID Tags Available Soon
S/Cap RFID Tags® contain a number of improvements on other competing designs, including:

  • Ruggedized case
  • Waterproof
  • Wide operational range temperature and humidity ranges
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Longer read range
  • Ability to be read across multiple frequency bands (860 to 960 MHz)
  • Attractive warranty and
  • Competitive pricing

Enable has had success selling initial samples of the S/Cap RFID Tags® to interested companies in North America, South America and Asia. The Company expects these initial sales to turn into larger transactions in the near future.

In order to further broaden its approach to an RFID tag market forecasted by one third party researcher to reach a total market value of $8 billion by 2014, Enable has announced the upcoming offering of an on-metal version of its already launched S/Cap RFID Tag®. The on-metal version has been successfully prototyped and tested; production is expected to begin in the coming weeks. The on-metal tag will combine the rugged, long life, long read range and competitive pricing of the original S/Cap RFID Tag® while allowing on-metal mounting for uninhibited tracking of fork-lifts, automobiles, cargo containers and other metal assets.

In addition to both its standard and on-metal versions of the S/Cap RFID Tag®, the Company plans to soon begin offering additional RFID tags of varying dimensions, performance characteristics and price points in order to form a complete RFID asset tag product line to allow wider access to the market.

S/Cap RFID Tag® Now a Registered Trademark
Enable was granted a trademark on the S/Cap RFID Tag® phrase by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Trademarks identify and distinguish the source of the goods of one party from another. For example, a trademark prevents Pepsi from naming its product "Coke" (and vice versa), keeps Burger King from naming its hamburger the "Big Mac," and they prohibit someone who builds custom cars in his garage from naming his enterprise "Ford Motor Company."

The Company's trademark prevents others from using the same product name on a different RFID tag.

Nanopore Template and Ultracapacitor Products on the Way
In addition to the expansion of its RFID tag product line, Enable IPC has announced the upcoming production for sale of both anodized aluminum oxide (AAO) nanopore templates and ultracapacitors.

Enable IPC has a patent pending on a new technology that economically allows the creation of alumina discs with precisely ordered tiny holes (called nanopores) 1/1000th the diameter of a human hair. The Company stated that production for sale of these AAO nanopore templates is expected to begin soon. These templates can be used to create nanotubes and nanowires, and they can also be used as filters.

Nanotubes and nanowires are used in many applications primarily to strengthen and increase resistance of materials. Examples include automobile bumpers, tennis rackets and perfume containers. Used as filters, the AAO nanopore templates have a wide variety of applications -- especially in medical or environmental areas where the ability to precisely filter toxins, viruses or other particles from air, water, liquids or other material is highly valued.

Ultracapacitors are used in many items, particularly for backup or clock memory in electronic devices (TVs, DVD players, mobile phones, etc.) but also in many applications where sudden bursts of energy are necessary, such as a camera flash or a device power up. Enable plans to soon begin offering a variety of ultracapacitors of various sizes and performance characteristics for purchase at the Company's online store.

National Science Foundation Project
Having completed the $150,000 Phase I STTR project for the National Science Foundation, SolRayo, Inc., a subsidiary of Enable IPC Corporation, has submitted its proposal for Phase II funding which, if approved, will provide an additional $500,000 of funding for two years beginning in 2012.

Under the Phase I grant, Solrayo developed a new nanoparticulate based technology to address an issue concerning the degradation of performance of certain lithium-ion ("Li-ion") batteries, particularly in high temperature applications. The Phase II funding will be aimed at commercializing the technology. The Company expects to hear the results of its application by the end of this year.

One reason for the rapid growth in portable electronics over the past few decades has been the availability of rechargeable Li-ion batteries that provide the required high gravimetric and volumetric energy densities. One of the problems with this technology, however, is the relatively high expense of cathode materials compared to other types of rechargeable batteries (like nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride). While the Li-ion industry has grown exponentially over the past 20 years to be valued by Frost & Sullivan at approximately $8.4 billion in 2010, its growth has been mitigated by its relatively high expense. It is anticipated that this technology could allow for lower cost cathode materials for Li-ion batteries, making Li-ion price-competitive with other battery technologies and leading to further exponential growth for the industry.

Blog on Intellectual Property (IP)
At Enable IPC Corporation, the goal is to turn technologies into products (the IPC in the Company name stands for Intellectual Property Commercialization). As Enable begins expanding its product offerings, it is worth noting that these products are being manufactured elsewhere for Enable IPC. Enable holds the sales or technological rights to patented or patent pending technologies and the Company seeks to market and commercialize these technologies rather than manufacture the products outright. The Company believes this strategy has the potential to more quickly build ROI with less financial risk.

On the Enable IPC blog, at http://blog.enableipc.com, readers will find a multi-part series explaining and discussing many aspects of intellectual property. To date, the blog has addressed the process of filing for patents and other available protections. Future installments of this series are scheduled to include discussions on technology licensing and commercialization.

About Enable IPC Corp. (Intellectual Property Commercialization)
Enable IPC (http://www.enableipc.com) provides efficient, streamlined strategies for turning technologies into products and bringing them to market. The Company seeks to turn technologies into products and is a transparent, fair turnkey partner for sub-licensing and joint development with other companies.

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