EAST GREENWICH, RI--(Marketwire - Dec 8, 2011) - Verdi Productions (VP) announced today that its film "Loosies" has locked up over 24 overseas territories and the VP team will head to the Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals in early 2012 for the film's final sales. Loosies is being released in theaters on Jan 11, 2012 through IFC Films and will expand to over 50 million homes on Video on Demand through major US cable distributors, as well as iTunes and the SundanceNow website.

"Loosies" tells the story of Bobby (Peter Facinelli, "Twilight"), a NYC pickpocket, who roams the city disguised as a stockbroker. He's handsome and charming, fitting in perfectly with the Wall Street types on the subway and downtown, but with no father and a mother who does not work, Bobby is forced to live a life of crime in order to make ends meet. The original soundtrack is composed and performed by American Idol alumnus Paul McDonald with an original score by Chad Fischer ("Garden State") with Michael Corrente directing.

Bobby tempts fate with the long arm of the law by lifting the badge of a New York City Detective (Michael Madsen, "Kill Bill," "Infected") much to the annoyance of his viciously manipulative boss Jax (Vincent Gallo, "Brown Bunny"). Bobby becomes the center of a citywide search, and approaches Jax, his mentor, for advice. Jax scolds Bobby for bringing the heat anywhere near him or his business -- the last thing Jax needs is any extra attention on his illicit underground business.

While playing this dangerous game of cat and mouse, Bobby runs into an even bigger challenge... Lucy (Jaimie Alexander, "Thor"), a recent one-night stand. It is now three months after their passionate one night affair, and Bobby is confronted with a tough reality. Lucy informs him she is pregnant, and that the child is his. Suddenly two different worlds collide, forcing Bobby to reevaluate a lifetime of missteps.

In a city where he once survived by being invisible, Bobby is now very much exposed and hunted by the police, and he must now choose to continue the illicit lifestyle he once led, or change and take responsibility for his actions.

Producer and CEO of Verdi Productions, Chad A. Verdi, stated, "In three months we will have locked up more than 24 overseas territories through CMG, have a VOD release that reaches over 50 million homes with the film hitting theaters Jan 11th through IFC films, this is as good as it gets." Verdi added, "Everyone at VP has worked very hard to make this all happen and the hard work is paying off. Peter and Jaimie were brilliant along with the rest of the cast and the film came to life with the music of American Idol star Paul McDonald."

For a list of cable providers showing "Loosies," please follow the link below:

For an iTunes rental http://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/loosies/id476442409

For a SundanceNow rental http://www.sundancenow.com/film/loosies/775

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Verdi Productions is redefining how films are made on the East Coast. Unlike other film projects that come to the Northeast, Verdi is establishing itself as a fixture in the Rhode Island community. Verdi Productions does not operate on a project-to-project basis, but instead functions like a west coast studio, with established offices, full time employees, and a continuous stream of product.

Over the past eighteen months, Chad A. Verdi, the Managing Partner of Verdi Productions and the Managing Partner of the Woodhaven Production Company, a subsidiary of Verdi Productions, has filmed, produced and sold three feature films and is currently in pre-production with his producing partner Noah Kraft on their next feature film titled PAZ.

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