Personal Growth Coach Teri Johnson Aids Readers in 'Overcoming the Nevers'

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - Dec 15, 2011) - After applying a 12-step program to her life, Teri Johnson experienced freedom from her addiction to alcohol. She realized those same steps can help people overcome almost any of life's emotional hurdles.

In her new book, "Overcoming the Nevers" (, Johnson shares her story of recovery and gently guides readers through the 12 steps of healing. First, she says, it's important to understand the source of much of our emotional turmoil.

"The Nevers are the things we thought we'd never do or never experience," she explains in the book's introduction. "The negative Nevers are the ones you'd rather erase from your mind ... You never thought that you'd get divorced ... get an abortion ... find yourself in an abusive relationship ... but you did."

Today, more people than ever are experiencing negative Nevers, she notes.

"I believe that in this economy everyone is in some way being impacted -- job losses, foreclosures, bankruptcy."

Depending on what you grew up believing about right and wrong, do's and don'ts, success and failure, these experiences can lead to feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness, embarrassment and insecurity -- all painful emotions. Unable to reconcile them, some people seek escape through overeating, gambling, medicating with drugs, drinking to excess and other behaviors that lead to even more problems.

"Being set free from alcohol was just the beginning for me," Johnson writes. "I needed to get to the root of all the issues that drove me to escape in unhealthy ways."

There is freedom from the struggle, she says. Her book offers a tool box of simple steps that can be applied by anyone willing to engage in honest soul-searching. By candidly re-telling of her experiences at each step, Johnson takes readers by the hand and guides them along the path.

About Teri Johnson

Teri Johnson is the founder and president of Keeping It Personal, a company specializing in self-development training. A writer, speaker and personal growth expert, she uses a course called The Ultimate Journey to help clients break out of limiting thought patterns and increase self-confidence in order to meet their goals. Teri lives a joy-filled life deeply devoted to her husband, her two boys, and her relationship with God.

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