EAST GREENWICH, RI--(Marketwire - Jan 13, 2012) - www.Investorideas.com, a leader in sector research including music and entertainment news, releases the following Q&A interview with businessman / producer Chad A. Verdi. Mr. Verdi, based in Rhode Island, is the President and CEO of both Verdi Productions and the Woodhaven Production Company.

Verdi's Companies filmed, produced and sold three feature films over the last 20 months. His production Companies have attached well-known entertainment actors and directors to each film. His latest film, Loosies, premiered in New York at the IFC theater Wednesday night to a sold out audience.

Loosies tells the story of Bobby (Peter Facinelli, Twilight), a NYC pickpocket, who roams the city disguised as a stockbroker. He's handsome and charming, fitting in perfectly with the Wall Street types on the subway and downtown, but with no father and a mother who does not work, Bobby is forced to live a life of crime in order to make ends meet. The original soundtrack is composed and performed by American Idol alumni Paul McDonald with an original score by Chad Fischer (Garden State).

Q&A Interview

Q- Investorideas.com
Your most recent film, Loosies premiered in New York Wednesday night -- can you tell us about the response to the film?

A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. Verdi
It was great, so great that IFC Films, our distribution partner, will begin rolling the film out in many more locations starting next week. I was very happy we sold out, it was a very special night for everyone involved.

Q- Investorideas.com
What was the best part of the event?

A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. Verdi
When I found out that the White House requested a copy of Loosies, that's pretty cool.

Q- Investorideas.com
Chad, you have attracted some very impressive industry names and talent to your team. Can you give our readers some examples of the range of talent in your portfolio of movies, Loosies, Inkubus and Infected?

A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. Verdi
We have attracted and signed some great actors that include names like Peter Facinelli (Twilight, New Moon, The Scorpion King, Loosies) Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Loosies, Infected), Vincent Gallo (Buffalo '66, The Brown Bunny, Tetro, Loosies), Joe Pantoliano (Memento, The Matrix, The Fugitive, Loosies), (Jaimie Alexander, Thor, Rest Stop, Ground, Loosies, The Other Side) William Forsythe (The Rock, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Raising Arizona and Inkubus) that are under are VP company. Robert Englund (Freddy vs. Jason, A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Inkubus), Christy Carlson Romano (Guiding Light, The Cutting Edge, Mirrors two.: Going for the Gold, The Even Stevens Movie, Loosies) Jonathan Silverman, (Weekend at Bernie's, 12:01, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Inkubus) Joey Fatone (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, n sync, Inkubus) and Michelle Ray Smith (Salt and Inkubus).

Q- Investorideas.com
What's next in line for your production Companies?

A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. Verdi
PAZ; it's the true-life comeback story of Rhode Island boxer Vinny Pazienza, a fighter who broke his neck in a near fatal car accident only to come back and win three more world championships after being told he would never walk again. I feel it's the greatest comeback story in sports history and the reason I got involved in this business.

Q- Investorideas.com
Can you tell us what stage you are at with this film?

A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. Verdi
Yes, we are in pre-production and have attached an A list writer and director along with an A list actor. We will be announcing who they are very soon.

Q- Investorideas.com
When do you feel filming will start on PAZ?

A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. Verdi
My producing partner, Noah Kraft and I expect to start filming in Q2 or Q3 2012 but that is subject to change.

Q- Investorideas.com
Back to Loosies, who acquired the USA rights?

A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. Verdi
IFC Films acquired the rights to Loosies for the USA and Canada. They are a great company to work with and we are lucky to have them representing the film.

Bio for Chad A. Verdi:
Mr. Verdi is an Entrepreneur that at the early age of 18 years old Mr. Verdi acquired his first business, a RI television listing newspaper called TV Facts that is still in publication today.

By the age of 21 Verdi acquired several other businesses in the food service sector throughout RI. By age 30, Verdi owned, co-owned or had investments in over a dozen businesses that ranged from food and toy manufacturing to restaurants and hi-tech developments in the biotechnology and homeland security field.

Over the last 13 years, Mr. Verdi has been involved in over 750 million dollars in business mergers, reverse mergers, start-ups and acquisitions and currently owns, co-owns or has investments in more than two dozen businesses in diversified industries with more than 500 local employees and sales of more than $100 million nationwide. He also holds a large real estate portfolio that includes the 175-year-old former United Methodist Church in East Greenwich where the constitution of RI was adopted.

About the Verdi Productions and Woodhaven Production Company:
Both Verdi Productions and The Woodhaven Production Company are fully funded film production companies, covering all aspects of filmmaking from conception of script through postproduction.

Contact Information:

Chad A. Verdi
The Woodhaven Production Company

Michelle L. Verdi
Head of Music and Talent