Gliffy Celebrates Millionth Registered User

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 3, 2012) - Gliffy, a leading provider of online diagramming tools for enabling visually impactful, collaborative communications, today announced a milestone that was achieved during Q1 2012 -- Gliffy Online has surpassed 1 million registered users.

Jonathan Ressler, of social media agency The Big Fat Mouth ( and The Social Media Badass blog (, was the millionth to register.

"I was working on a project for a client, and needed to make a flow chart and wanted it to look well designed," said Ressler. "I Googled 'free flow chart tools' and you guys came up with a bunch of others. After trying 5 other so-called 'easy-to-use' tools, I was frustrated and figured I would give it one more try and I went to The first thing I saw was the Lady GaGa (example and thought it was very cool). Ultimately, I did not use that template, but instead built my own funky chart that looked great. I have to say that I was blown away by how user-friendly and intuitive Gliffy is, but more importantly, how painless it is to get the finished product. Now, I find myself looking for reasons to use Gliffy because... to be perfectly honest... it makes me look great! Thanks again for making this tool available. Gliffy ROCKS!"

"The reaction to using Gliffy Online expressed by Mr. Ressler made the entire team here at Gliffy smile," said Chris Kohlhardt, co-founder and CEO of Gliffy. "Users of Gliffy Online have been an amazing help to us -- providing feedback and suggestions -- which has resulted in a solid offering that is being embraced by people all over the world."

Gliffy Online ( is a robust diagramming tool that is easy to use and provides a cost-effective alternative to legacy desktop tools such as Visio and OmniGraffle. The types of diagrams that can be created with Gliffy Online include: flow charts, network diagrams, floor plans, org charts, Venn diagrams, SWOT analysis
Wireframes, site maps, UML, business process modeling and technical drawings.


  • Easy to use: Just drag-and-drop shapes from an extensive library and point-and-click to format. No expertise needed.

  • Extensive Shape Library: There are hundreds of shapes available. Plus, there is the option of importing.

  • Publish and Share Easily: With just a click, Gliffy provides a URL to a read-only version of your diagram. The diagram can also be easily embedded into wikis, blogs and hosted office applications.

  • No Compatibility or Access Issues: Gliffy works through the web browser (it's Mac and PC friendly).

  • Incorporate Diagrams into Other Documents: Diagrams can be saved into file formats (.JPG, .PNG, or .SVG) for insertion into Word documents, Power Point presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and web pages.

  • Collaborate Instantly with Anyone: Gliffy has a built-in notification system that makes it easy for users to invite others to collaborate on a diagram.

  • Protect and Track Changes: There is a revision control feature which automatically keeps a copy every time a document is saved, making it easy to track changes or revert to an earlier version.

There are two plans available: Gliffy Standard and Gliffy Pro. Gliffy Standard runs $4.95 per user per month with 200mb of storage and unlimited collaborators. Gliffy Pro is an unlimited package for $9.95 per user per month: unlimited diagrams, unlimited storage and unlimited collaborators. It can be tried out for free.

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Gliffy is a leading provider of online diagramming tools for enabling visually impactful, collaborative communications. Along with Gliffy Online, other products include fully featured, tightly integrated plug-ins for Atlassian's Confluence and JIRA. Gliffy offers a powerful, cost-effective alternative to Visio, featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that combines the power of traditional desktop software with the lightweight, low learning curve and flexible features of today's most popular browser-based applications.
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Gliffy is self-funded and privately held. More information is available at

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