NORTHBROOK, Ill., April 30, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intelligent Medical Objects, the leading developer of medical terminology integration for Electronic Health Records Systems, announced today that MedAptus®, the market leader for charge capture technologies, has selected Intelligent Medical Objects' IMO® Problem (IT) search engine for integration in its Professional Charge Capture solution. IMO's advanced search capability will provide clinical end-users of MedAptus with a rapid diagnosis search experience along with a higher degree of search accuracy when completing charge documentation using the ICD-10 code set.

Located in Northbrook, Illinois, Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) develops, manages, and licenses medical vocabularies and software applications. As an integrated component of MedAptus, the IMO® Problem (IT) offering will enable end-users to simply and effectively search for billing diagnoses through a search engine that utilizes more than 260,000 terms expressing clinical intent while simultaneously providing the correct coding for that intent.

"We are very pleased to have been selected by MedAptus as their clinical interface terminology partner. As healthcare providers plan for the transition to ICD-10 and compliance with Meaningful Use requirements, Problem IT is continually updated to allow our partners to work on their ICD-10 readiness efforts, uninterrupted by large code set changes," said Frank Naeymi-Rad, IMO CEO and Chairman of the Board. "We are committed to enhance the clinical team experience terminology search and we are dedicated to work with our vendor partners, ensuring that their end users have the most reliable solution possible."

MedAptus' Professional Charge Capture is used by provider organizations ranging from single-specialty practices to large academic medical centers. The improved ICD-10 clinical keyword search in MedAptus via IMO means that providers will have access to a best-in-breed clinical terminology solution.

"We've been preparing for the ICD-10 transition for several years with particular focus on how to enhance physician usability of our product given the massive coding changes that the larger vocabulary will demand. We evaluated several different keyword search solutions and determined that what IMO has to offer is the best in the marketplace and the best for our end-users," said Ryan Secan, MD, MedAptus Chief Medical Officer.

The IMO search is one of several usability enhancements that MedAptus is making to ease physician adoption of ICD-10 within Professional Charge Capture. "Customer feedback indicates that our multi-pronged approach to diagnosis code selection will provide physicians with the necessary tools for managing patient workloads and care demands while adjusting to the new coding requirements," added Dr. Secan.

IMO functionality is available as an add-on module for ICD-9 searching in the MedAptus software now. All other product updates related to the ICD-10 code set will be available later this year.

About IMO

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) develops, manages, and licenses medical vocabularies and software applications using the medical vocabulary for health care organizations. IMO's Clinical Interface Terminology products, including IMO Problem (IT)™, provide seamless mapping of diagnostic terminologies to billing codes and medical concepts. IMO provides the tools necessary for health care organizations to authoritatively support uniform labeling of health profiles, services rendered, and outcomes across their enterprise. This intersection of clinical and financial data provides health care organizations with dependable quality information to deliver services, bear risk, and to enable efficient, cost-effective operation and accountability. IMO's products improve physician satisfaction, facilitate physician adoption, speed the coding process, reduce unnecessary physician-coder communication, and result in fewer rejected claims. IMO currently has over 1500 hospitals and 250,000 physicians using their content. IMO's headquarters are located in Chicago. For more information, visit

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MedAptus is the Gold Standard in the healthcare revenue cycle for achieving effective charge management, compliance and workflow efficiency. With offerings that range from powerful and easy-to-use Intelligent Charge Capture technologies to high-impact revenue cycle consulting services, it is no wonder that many of the nation's most prestigious healthcare organizations rely on MedAptus for financial optimization. Our solutions, which include full-scale Professional and Facility applications, increase revenue, enhance EMR investments, re-engineer manual processes and yield substantially improved productivity. For more information, visit or call 617.896.4000.

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