Carfax Drives Customer Loyalty and Fraud Prevention With ParAccel

ParAccel Analytic Platform Cuts Analytic Run Time From Months to Minutes

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 4, 2012) - ParAccel, Inc., a leading enterprise analytic platform provider, today announced that Carfax, the most trusted provider of vehicle history information, continues to drive customer loyalty and fraud prevention through new analytic applications using the ParAccel Analytic Platform. ParAccel serves as the foundation for Carfax's internal data warehouse and provides the company greater speed and agility in delivering new analytics to the business.

Carfax maintains the largest vehicle history database ever assembled, comprising over nine billion vehicle records from more than 34,000 sources. According to Paula Mueller, Carfax director of business intelligence, Carfax understands the value of their data as an asset and to the potential of creating analytic value for the business.

Carfax uses advanced analytics to support their sales and marketing organizations. Customer analytics took days to run on Carfax's previous data warehouse platform. Some of the more complex fraud analytics wouldn't complete at all. IT staff was spending an inordinate amount of time trying to tune the database and tweak the queries to get better performance. On ParAccel, the analytics that took days to run now run in under 20 minutes without any tuning. Most analytics run in 5-15 minutes versus hours or days. With less time spent on administration, the IT staff is moving faster to keep pace with the speed of business innovation.

"Speeding the delivery of valuable business analytics was the driving force behind choosing ParAccel," Mueller said. "When the business started getting their analytics on time, they were ecstatic! They are now pushing to move from monthly to daily processing -- something that would not have been feasible before ParAccel -- and they have no shortage of ideas for other ways we can leverage the platform to create business value."

"Carfax is using ParAccel to accelerate analytics in a way that brings IT and business together around innovation," said Rich Ghiossi, vice president of marketing at ParAccel. "Their use of analytics has not only motivated their sales team but has helped drive their business decisions and enhance their competitive advantage in the marketplace."

Carfax will be presenting at the upcoming TDWI Solution Summit "Big Data Analytics for Real-Time Business Advantage" from June 4-6 in San Diego, CA. During the presentation Carfax will discuss how using the ParAccel Analytic Platform allowed the company to deploy a data warehouse that accelerates complex customer and fraud analytics. Topics to be covered include how they quickly generated momentum for the use of analytics by the business and how analytic insights have added business value. For more information see ParAccel TDWI Speaking Media Alert.

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