ParAccel Offers Hadoop Collaborative Solution for Big Data Analytics

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 13, 2012) - ParAccel, a leading analytics platform, today announced a new solution that brings its high performance analytics to a collaborative computing environment for data warehouse tools and big data platforms. The ParAccel big data analytic solution creates new value by bringing corporate data and big data into an unconstrained analytic workspace. As a core component to this solution, ParAccel announced the general availability of the Hadoop On Demand Integration Module, a connector that applies the power of ParAccel's analytic platform to Hadoop data or analytic results.

New Customers, Evernote and Alliance Health Networks, Deploy On-Demand Solution

ParAccel's customers have deployed the big data analytic solution to profit from the increased time to value and power of their data:

  • Evernote, the fast growing web services company that helps people capture, store and access content anywhere, chose ParAccel based on the ability to run collaborative, unconstrained analysis across multiple data sets along with its fast integration with Hadoop.
  • Alliance Health Networks (AHN), a leading healthcare social media company, connecting people to others who share their health challenges, selected ParAccel in place of Hadoop. Compared to other databases and Hadoop, ParAccel demonstrated the ability to handle data volume, performance and data variety, all running on industry-standard hardware. AHN is using ParAccel to support deep analysis of the big data generated by activity in its social networks.

"We will deploy ParAccel to access and analyze all of Evernote's data to improve customer acquisition, retention and experience on all our products," said Nathan Johnson, manager of data warehouse and analytics, Evernote. "Hadoop by itself does not have the ability to answer questions quickly and feed reporting and dashboards, so we complemented that service with ParAccel's high speed big data solution."

"In order to deliver new value we need the ability to leverage all our information no matter where it is stored," said Peter Nettesheim, vice president of business intelligence, Alliance Health Networks. "Through the use of unconstrained analytics and a collaborative computing approach made possible with ParAccel, we can drive our business with more information more effectively."

Companies trying to run analytics on big data platforms can expect to eliminate the need for a major programming effort and platform support for growing data volume and variety, increasing complexity of analytics, and continually dynamic business and analytics requirements.

"Companies investing in big data are looking for ways to drive more value out of their investments," said Rick Glick, vice president of customer and partner development, ParAccel. "The ParAccel big data analytic solution becomes the engine for strategic value, by creating a collaborative computing environment where they can run deep analytics alongside the archiving, filtering and transformation work of Hadoop."

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