Enable IPC Issues Corporate Update in Advance of Its Annual Report and Stockholders Meeting

VALENCIA, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2012) - Enable IPC Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EIPC) today issued an update to stockholders and interested parties.

Financial Outlook

March 31st is the fiscal year end for Enable IPC, and the last fiscal year has been the best in the Company's short history. Revenues, which will be officially reported later this month, were over $200,000, most of which were realized in the final quarter.

The first quarter of this new fiscal year will see revenues increasing, as the Company has secured agreements to bring in total revenues of between $1-2 million for the current fiscal year, which would make it the first profitable year, with net profits estimated at 25% of revenues. First quarter results are due to be reported on or before August 14th.

Revenues and net profits in subsequent fiscal years are expected to be significantly higher.

"The Company's revenues have increased substantially, quarter-to-quarter, beginning with the S/Cap RFID Tag® product announcement in June 2011," stated CEO David Walker. "As the Company continues its efforts to commercialize new products, notably RFID tags and lithium-ion battery cathode coating materials, we anticipate revenues to continue to grow through the next fiscal year and beyond. We are pleased with the current pace of revenue and product development and expect these exciting times for Enable IPC to continue."

Enable IPC's Unique Business Model

The Company's business model is unique and uncommon and is beginning to be very profitable, explained Mr. Walker. "The Company receives most of its revenue from licensing activities related to the S/Cap RFID Tag®. 'IPC' stands for Intellectual Property Commercialization -- the Company does not see itself as an RFID company, nor a nanotech company or manufacturer, but rather, a developer and licensor of commercialized technologies."

As such, the Company's outlook is very bright. Mr. Walker continued, "We participate in revenues in the sales of products by others in the industries who have existing market paths and unique, valuable experience and knowledge of the markets. In doing so, we avoid much of the manufacturing and sales risks and are able to reap larger net profit percentages."

The Company plans to discuss this business model at length during the upcoming annual meeting of stockholders, scheduled for August 3rd. Details on this meeting will be sent to stockholders in the coming weeks.

S/Cap RFID Tag® Developments

The new, on-metal version of the S/Cap RFID Tag® is now available and is being sold by the Company's distributors and integrators in the US, China and the rest of the world.

The S/Cap RFID Tag® is unique to the RFID tag market in that it utilizes an ultracapacitor for its power source. The ultracapacitor provides the tag with many of the benefits of a battery-assisted passive tag while negating most of the problems of short battery life. Ultracapacitors can exceed as much as 1000 times the cycle life of a battery meaning the useful life of an S/Cap RFID Tag® can be significantly longer than that of active or battery-assisted passive RFID tags powered with common battery chemistries.

Other enhancements to the tag are on the way and will be announced as warranted.

Update on National Science Foundation Phase II Grant for $500,000

Enable IPC's subsidiary, SolRayo, Inc., was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) that is funding the commercialization of a lithium-ion battery performance enhancing technology. Lithium-ion batteries experience performance degradation after repeated cycles, particularly in high temperature applications. The new technology is an inexpensive nanoparticle based coating that is applied to critical components of the battery and protects the battery from degradation, significantly extending lithium-ion battery life. The NSF funding is provided under the Small Business Technology Transfer Phase II program.

Annual Stockholders Meeting

The annual meeting of stockholders will be held on August 3rd this year, for stockholders of record as of June 22nd. Details will follow.

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