Avoid Vacation Weight Gain With Tips From Knoxville Bariatric Surgeon

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KNOXVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2012) - If there's ever a time to let loose and forget about dietary restrictions and exercise regimens, it's while on vacation. However, a board-certified Knoxville bariatric surgeon says completely throwing caution to the wind can be detrimental to weight loss goals and result in feelings of remorse and guilt once the vacation is over. Instead of completely derailing from the path to the ultimate goal, or having to count every calorie, he urges his patients to simply maintain their weight while on vacation, and offers several tips on how to successfully navigate the common pitfalls of time spent on the road.

As patients at his Knoxville weight loss surgery practice prepare to leave their comfort zones for some rest and relaxation, Dr. Stephen Boyce says he first stresses the need for preparation: "Keeping healthy food options around helps my patients avoid the temptation to grab whatever is available. By packing healthy foods that do not require refrigeration, patients can be sure they have options at all times. However, this does not mean they should be snacking around the clock, some self-control is still required."

The ability to make sensible choices is still extremely important to weight maintenance while on vacation, according to Dr. Boyce. Whether a person has undergone a bariatric surgery procedure such as the gastric sleeve or is following a medically-supervised diet, they must continue to adhere to a calorie budget similar to the one they follow at home. One of the best ways to do this is by avoiding foods high in fat and sugar, as these have been shown to stimulate appetites, increasing consumption, says Dr. Boyce. "Ask that foods be baked, broiled, or grilled without added fat. Avoid children's or appetizer menus, especially the dipping sauces that come with these dishes," he says.

Exercise of any kind plays an integral role in the continued success of any weight loss journey; however, Dr. Boyce says it is especially important for patients that have recently undergone a weight loss procedure. One easy way to ensure patients are able to incorporate exercise into their vacations is by choosing a destination that requires them to be active. While staying in a hotel with exercise facilities is ideal, it is not always an option: "Whether my patients go for a walk on the beach or ride a bike to local attractions, I urge them to keep moving."

Visit Dr. Boyce's blog and read "Avoid Vacation Weight Gain" for more tips on how to keep the extra pounds off while on vacation.

About Stephen G. Boyce, MD

After earning his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dr. Stephen Boyce performed his surgical residency at Parkland Memorial Hospital where he studied weight loss surgery under a pioneer in the field, Dr. Otto Wilbanks. After opening the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery, which has now been designated as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence® by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, Dr. Boyce completed special training in advanced laparoscopic surgery, as well as a Masters certification in Bariatric Surgery.

New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery is located at 200 Ft. Sanders West Blvd., MOB 1, Ste. 200, Knoxville, TN 37922, and can be reached at (865) 694-9676. Dr. Stephen Boyce and his team can also be found online at parkwestcwlc.com and their Knoxville Weight Loss Surgery Facebook page.

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