ParAccel Offers Analytic Offload Solution to Accelerate Business Innovation for Oracle and Teradata Database Customers

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 28, 2012) -  ParAccel, a leading enterprise analytics platform provider, today announced two new analytic offload solutions that bring high-performance analytics to existing data warehouse installations. The ParAccel Analytic Offload Solutions for Oracle and Teradata are a combination of the ParAccel Analytic Platform and a set of services that will help companies identify and then move analytic workloads from overworked data warehouses and large data marts to ParAccel's Analytic Platform. Both solutions free up data warehouse resources and provide an environment for unconstrained analytics, allowing both IT and business analysts to invest more time and resources on strategic business initiatives.

As a core component to these solutions, ParAccel also announced the general availability of the ParAccel On Demand Integration Module for Teradata and ParAccel ODBC On Demand Integration ("ODI") Module for Oracle. These ODIs allow companies to seamlessly connect ParAccel Analytic Platform to an existing data warehouse or data mart and immediately receive dramatically better performance for their analytic workloads. 

Offloading analytic workloads, which can account for up to 80 percent of the administrative overhead, will free up the data warehouse to support operational reporting and dashboards. In addition, the new platform enables unconstrained analytics where analysts are free to explore entire data sets as required by the business.

Solution Benefits:

  • 100 times better price performance; compared to the cost of expanding Teradata to support analytics
  • 100 times better performance; based on a 46 hour Oracle query that now runs in 30 seconds on ParAccel without any tuning
  • 400 percent productivity gains by analysts; based on a move from 80 percent of time spent gathering data to 80 percent of time doing analysis

"It's important to let workloads gravitate to the platforms that handle them best," said Shawn Rogers, research vice president at EMA. "There is no one platform that can do it all. To drive maximum value from data management investments the business analyst should be able to interact among data warehouse, analytic platform, and big data platform."

Specifically targeted to support Teradata and Oracle data warehouse customers, the new On Demand Integration Modules are built to give analysts inline access to data in the data warehouse:

ParAccel On Demand Integration Module for Teradata

  • Inline data access using Teradata FastExport utility
  • High-speed, parallel data movement from data warehouse to analytic platform

ParAccel ODBC On Demand Integration Module

  • Inline data access to any relational database source, including Oracle
  • Standards based access to structured data

"Our customers want the freedom to do unconstrained analysis whenever the need arises, on whatever data they want," said Paul Zolfaghari, chief operating officer, ParAccel. "Analytic Offload complements the investment they've already made in data warehousing, by giving them a collaborative computing environment where they can do analytics alongside their reporting and dashboard system."

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To gain a competitive advantage in a fast paced, data-driven world, companies need immediate answers to any business question they decide to ask. As the leading analytic platform provider, ParAccel accelerates analytics and opens the door for companies to accelerate, innovate and compete. ParAccel Analytic Platform is an analytic database surrounded by extensibility and integration technology as a foundation for running big data analytics, anytime, anywhere. ParAccel's Fortune 1000 customers, in digital media, retail, financial services, healthcare and government, are testing the bounds of unconstrained analytics with the most prolific, most powerful, most expansive analytic platform in the world. For more information please contact us at or 866-903-0335. The conversation continues on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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