Hiscox Launches New Portfolio of Technology Products in US

Protection Against Data Breach and Breach of Contract Included


NEW YORK, July 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hiscox, the specialist insurer, today announced that it has launched a new suite of technology products to address the growing technology, privacy and cyber risks facing businesses globally. A differentiator for Hiscox has always been the breadth of its coverage for breach of contract and intellectual property exposures, representing over 80% of all technology claims handled by Hiscox in recent years...these remain key features of the new portfolio. While many insurance providers exclude these exposures, Hiscox affirmatively covers them in their technology product, which provides up to $10 million in coverage for US-based businesses.  As a pioneer in this space, Hiscox has provided technology errors and omissions coverage to thousands of clients for over 15 years.

"The risk profile for a business has changed dramatically in recent years, whether you are a provider of technology products and services or simply a consumer of them," said Jim Whetstone, US Technology and Privacy Manager at Hiscox. "Our philosophy continues to be, where your contract can't protect you, your insurance should.  As evidenced by our claims statistics, too many forms exclude the very elements of coverage our policyholders need the most."

The Hiscox Technology portfolio has eight individual modules:

  • Technology Protection: Designed for technology companies, this module provides affirmative breach of contract coverage that is not available under most standard technology errors and omissions forms, in addition to the more traditional negligence coverage
  • Privacy Protection: Coverage for the costs to defend and resolve claims related to the handling of a breach of personally identifiable or confidential corporate information
  • Breach Cost: Coverage for the costs to respond to a data breach, whether required by law or when it's the right thing to do
  • Cyber Business Interruption: Compensation for hacker related losses
  • Hacker Damage: Reimbursement for the costs of repair or replacement of digital assets
  • Cyber Extortion: Assistance from a security risk firm in handling the situation as well as any final ransom paid to minimize disruption
  • Miscellaneous Protection: Complementary Miscellaneous Professional Liability coverage for technology companies with blended professional services
  • Multimedia Protection: Costs to defend and resolve claims which arise out of online content, including social media

"With the assistance of our brokers, we developed this suite of products to make this complex coverage easier to understand while still providing the broad, meaningful coverage they have come to expect from us," added Whetstone. "It was critical that we make the product clear and simple for brokers and our clients."

Hiscox is a global provider of technology and privacy coverage.  In the US, Hiscox offers a diverse portfolio of commercial, professional liability and specialty insurance products, and has offices in New York, NY; White Plains, NY; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; and San Francisco, CA. Additional information can be found at www.hiscoxusa.com/broker.

About Hiscox in the US

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