Online Retailer Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Industry-Leading eTailer of Electrical, Telecom/Datacom/Networking, Home Theater, and Cable and Wire Management Products Validates Its Exemplary Quality Management Systems Standard by Earning ISO 9001:2008 Certification From BSI, Inc., the World's Largest Quality Management Systems Registrar

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - Aug 28, 2012) - In an ongoing effort to provide the highest levels of service excellence in all facets of its operation, (, an industry-leading online retailer of electrical, telecom/datacom/networking, home theater, cable and wire management products, today announced it has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification (Certificate No: FS 580559) through world-leading Quality Management Systems registrar BSI, Inc. This achievement, which took merely nine months to accomplish, exemplifies the commitment of staffers and top management, alike, to quality and customers by virtue of its compliance with stringent ISO certification requirements for the following scope: Sales, Distribution, and Customer Service of Cable and Wire Management, Electrical, Network, and Data Products to Consumers, Businesses, and the Government.

"Seeking and rapidly earning ISO 9001:2008 certification is indicative of our utmost commitment to quality, which is always top-of-mind as we pursue our varied business objectives and interface with customers and vendors," said co-founder and COO Paul Holstein. "This achievement demonstrates our compliance with a rigorous customer service standard, and intention to maintain and even improve upon that high level of service as verified by annual Registrar audits required to maintain our certification. This is one key way we intend to sustain our leading marketplace edge."

According to ISO Consultancy Core Business Solutions, Inc., USA (, ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard which is the basis for certification of a company's quality management system that's fast becoming a minimum standard for doing business in many industries. 

Core Business Solutions, USA identifies and explains these key benefits of ISO Certification:

Improved Customer Satisfaction
As processes are defined, quality becomes more consistent, and staff are more focused on achieving conformity to customer requirements, customer satisfaction will increase and misunderstandings with customers will be reduced.

International Recognition of Your Certification
Because ISO is a global quality standard, companies around the world can recognize your ISO 9001 certified QMS. This can result in increased business opportunities and reduced costs since customers may not be required to perform on-site audits.

Defined Processes
As the QMS is documented, the key processes involved in product realization will be better defined and then optimized. This will help everyone to better understand their responsibilities and improve consistency as products and services pass through the process.

Reduced Costs
Documenting the QMS typically results in the identification of sources of scrap, unnecessary quality costs, and unneeded overlaps and redundancy. Most ISO certified firms report a reduction in scrap and overtime. A recent survey of 100 registered firms reported the average improvement in operating margin at 5% of sales.

More Business/Different Markets
Due to the international recognition of the ISO certification, the improvement in process and quality consistency, the likely improvement in customer satisfaction and the possibility of lower product costs, there is the potential for increased business in both current and new markets. In addition, since 41% of companies obtaining ISO certification were asked to become certified by a customer, having a certification in place in advance will provide a distinct advantage over other suppliers.

More Consistent Quality
ISO certification demands a focus on a definition of and conformity to product requirements. This promotes consistency in process inputs and raw materials, how work is performed, how product is tested, and data is recorded, which results in more consistent product quality.

Involvement of All Employees in Making Improvements
During implementation of a certified QMS, quality awareness will increase since all staff must be trained in ISO 9001. This helps develop a strong quality culture, where the staff recognizes problems such as systems or process issues, and works on fixing them permanently. Additionally, the documented processes and the training help new employees learn processes more quickly.

Greater Management Visibility
As staff is trained in the methods for collecting and interpreting process and quality data, decisions regarding process operations and product quality will become based on objective data rather than speculation or conjecture. Data collected on the process and quality indicators will help identify changes in the process and thus will help staff minimize changes and inconsistencies.

Fewer Disruptions
Defining & optimizing the QMS as required by ISO 9001 will result in operations running more smoothly, with less down time. If a problem does occur, it is traced to its root cause and fixed, saving the organization from "re-correcting" it every time it happens.

External Audits
External audits are a benefit because they bring a third party to observe your processes and QMS. Sometimes it is difficult for internal staff to see problems because they are too close to the issues. External auditors have the advantage of seeing many other similar and dissimilar processes which often provides insight into potential issues and results in even further process and product improvements.

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